August 01, 2007 |

In our July 2007 Giants 300 report, Kendall/Heaton Associates, Houston, was mistakenly omitted from the photo caption for Comcast Center in Philadelphia (p. 54).

Kendall/Heaton is the prime architect on the project, and Robert A.M. Stern Architects is a consultant under Kendall/Heaton with the title of design architect.

Our May 2007 story on the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters (p. 66) contained several errors and omissions related to subcontractor Sentinel Structures' role in the project.

The firm never operated in the shipbuilding business, rather it supplied structural glued laminated timber to a number of markets, including shipbuilding and building construction.

Sentinel owner and president Maurice J. Rhude started with the operation in 1951 as assistant chief engineer, not as a line laborer.

No milling production lines were re-commissioned for this project. Sentinel used the same milling lines that have been operating since 1934.

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