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July 01, 2002 |

Union Pacific Center Omaha, Neb.

Foundation completed, steel erection kicks off

General contractor Holder Construction Corp., Atlanta, along with its local partner Hawkins Construction Co., Omaha, has completed the foundation, which spans 250 by 270 feet and includes 105 drilled shafts. According to David Landis, principal with structural engineer Walter P. Moore and Associates Inc., Houston, steel erection began on June 3, with completion expected by January 2003. Two local firms were awarded contracts for the steel work: Davis Erection Co. for steel erection, and Paxton & Vierling Steel for fabrication.

835 Market Street San Francisco

Retaining historic façade will require shoring efforts

One of the biggest challenges structurally with the project is restoration of the historic Market Street façade, according to Michel Kalin, project manager with structural engineer Nabih Youssef and Associates, Los Angeles.

"It will require us to remove the existing building, leaving the massive masonry façade standing alone, supported by shoring towers," says Kalin.

Six shoring towers will brace the eight-story façade for approximately 18 months of construction. Then it will be re-attached to the building.

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