C.F. Møller Architects and Arkthing win competition to design Icelandic bank building

Landsbankinn is Iceland’s largest bank.

March 06, 2018 |
Facade of the new Landsbankinn building

Rendering courtesy Beauty and the Bit

Drawing inspiration from the volcanic basalt stone, the horizontal layers of rock, and the atmosphere of the caves and clefts of the Icelandic landscape, C.F. Møller and Arkthing have won a competition to design Landsbankinn’s newest bank in Reykjavik.

The bank’s façade is composed of primarily two materials: glass and basalt. These two elements, along with other components common in Icelandic nature, can also be found inside the building. In the foyer, a skylight opening is formed in basalt stone. In the atria, the horizontal bands of the terraces are expressed in in-situ concrete, meant to reference Icelandic rock formations.


Atria in the new Landsbankinn buildingRendering courtesy Beauty and the Bit.


The office spaces are designed to be open and flexible and are placed into four complex houses. The different houses come together to function as one building that is oriented with views to the sea, Harpa Concert Hall, and Arnarhóll Park. The atria are inside the two tallest houses to ensure daylight reaches deep into the structure. The two lowest houses provide glazing and connections to external terraces and gardens.


Exterior facade of new Landsbankinn buildingRendering courtesy Beauty and the Bit.


Public functions are located on the ground floor and along the façade, which activates a new pedestrian street leading to Harpa Concert Hall. An internal, sheltered public passage links the new facilities and creates a shortcut for the city.

Construction is planned to begin in early 2019.


Atria in the Landsbankinn buildingRendering courtesy Beauty and the Bit.


Diagrams for the new Landsbankinn buildingC.F. Møller Architects / Arkthing.

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