CEQ’s Hannegan on the MOU, federal workplace

January 27, 2006 |

Bryan Hannegan, White House Council on Environmental Quality, reiterated the point that buildings in the U.S. consume 1/3 of all energy and 2/3 of electricity use. He noted that the memorandum signed January 24 by 17 federal agencies will help those building new federal structures to have a case for waterless urinals, smart landscaping, smart design—improvements that could lead to 20-30% savings off the operations of a building. Hannegan speke at the White House Summit on Federal Sustainable Buildings in Washington, D.C., January 26.

Hannegan stressed the importance of numbers in the current administration: “It’s very important to focus on the metrics. The President likes to know about measurements of success.”

Also crucial: greater integration of public health and safety issues in workspaces for federal employees—“not only better energy savings, but a better environment, and happier workers,” said Hannegan. He stressed that “we need federal buildings that last, but that also are good for the people who are working inside.”

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