BuildSite introduces LEED submittal templates for green building

March 11, 2010 |

Oakland, CA (March 8, 2010) -- BuildSite, a single source of product, technical, and procurement information for construction, has introduced online submittal templates tied to BuildSite Green Data. This latest innovation in the SaaS product enables detailed product information to flow directly into LEED submittal templates, providing a fully-electronic project record for owners and builders. Submittals generated in BuildSite can attach to design objects in building information (BIM) models and flow seamlessly into software for project management.

BuildSite's comprehensive database of product and technical information provides access to hundreds of manufacturers in one easily-searched location. The database houses over 20,000 construction products from more than 350 manufacturers. In addition to accessing over 20 document types, including product data and material safety data, users have access to Green Data, a next-generation database of product-specific LEED attribute information. Green Data, designed specifically to meet LEED requirements, includes VOC content, recycled content, manufacture location, SRI, and R-value, among other attributes.

"LEED submittals can be challenging for contractors and for the architects and consultants who receive them," said Ned Trainor, President of BuildSite. "We want to make LEED approachable to every member of the project team. Our submittals have all the fields a subcontractor or architect needs-you don't have to be a LEED AP to complete LEED submittals through BuildSite."

About BuildSite

BuildSite provides a single source of product, technical, procurement, and green product information to the construction industry worldwide. The BuildSite database features over 20,000 products from more than 350 manufacturers, along with a Distributor Directory of over 700 locations. BuildSite also offers software tools for construction submittals, allowing data from the supply chain to flow into project management and 3D building information (BIM) models. BuildSite Green Data, a next generation database of environmental and LEED® data for construction products, includes online submittal templates tied to the requirements of the US Green Building Council. Visit BuildSite.

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