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Modular Building

Modular Building Design and Modular Building Architecture A compilation of Modular Building Design and Modular Architecture news, trends, case studies, whitepapers and projects for the Modular Building Team

If you had to define value engineering in a single word, you might boil it down to "efficiency."...

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"Operational stray" occurs when a building’s MEP systems don’t work the way they should. Even the...

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The module showcases a range of interior finishes, with a treatment/recovery are
Laurie Robert, Vice President, NRB

This demonstration pediatric treatment building module is “kid-friendly,” offering a unique and c...

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Our collective desire to live in cities has never been stronger. According to the World Health Or...

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While the durability of metal as a construction material is widely recognized, some of its other...

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When a group of MIT researchers recently discovered that stress can cause metal alloy to fuse r...
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A debate has been raging in the blogosphere over the last few months about an article in The New...

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