The builder’s building

A custom metal building is the workplace of choice for Ron Cleveland Construction Co. 

November 18, 2013 |
A custom metal building serves as the home of Ron Cleveland Construction Company

Versatility topped Ron Cleveland’s list of priorities when he and his wife decided to construct a new building in Beaumont, Texas, to accommodate the two businesses they jointly own.  

Cleveland also wanted to create a structure that would serve as an effective marketing tool for his construction firm.  

An 11,526-sf custom metal office building met both goals and, since opening its doors in 2010, has served as the headquarters of both Ron Cleveland Construction Co. and the local Keller Williams Realty franchise. 

“I wanted to be able to say, ‘Here’s what you can do with a metal building’ to clients and potential clients,” says Cleveland, a Star builder since 1979. “So many people have a preconceived notion of a metal building as just a rectangular box with tin walls. That is definitely not the case.”

Now it’s not unusual for prospects to visit Cleveland’s space without knowing it’s a metal building. 

“I’ve had clients come here to meet with me about constructing a new office building who were not even aware this was a metal building,” he says. 

Cleveland also has had people ask him how it was possible to build a wooden porch without supporting columns. 

“I tell them it’s not wood; it’s structural steel surrounded by wood. Sometimes they don’t believe it,” he says.

The structure is designed to withstand a 130 mph wind load, and its exterior walls are open to metal stud framing and brick veneer. The lack of interior load-bearing walls provides ultimate flexibility for current and future tenants. 

“If I sold this building, it could easily be redesigned to accommodate a doctor’s office or any other kind of business,” Cleveland says. “Because of the large clear-span interior, there is a lot of flexibility to rearrange the space as you choose.” 

That flexibility also facilitates synergies between the two businesses that currently occupy it.  

“This has become a one-stop shop for commercial real estate,” he says. “We sell land, do design and build from this one office.” 

The project’s three main sections form a U-shaped building. An eight-foot, three-sided overhang at the entrance features cedar siding at the soffits that matches the window trim and exterior column wraps. Overhangs at the gabled ends of the entrance include two hip frames, each of which attaches below the roofline to create a Dutch-type hip gable. Above the hip frames, the building extends beyond the roofline to create a mission-style aesthetic. 

Two roof planes feature custom-designed valley beams and purlins that attach to the beams with open areas below. The roof planes accommodate false dormers with sheeting and trim that match the roof panels. 

Beyond providing customers of both businesses with a positive first impression, the new building also has directly contributed to Cleveland’s bottom line. 

“I’ve sold two buildings because of this building,” Cleveland says. “It’s helped my business very nicely.”

Building Team:

Owner: Ron Cleveland

Star Builder: Ron Cleveland Construction Co. LLC

Architect: Architectural Alliance, Inc.

General Contractor: Ron Cleveland Construction Co. LLC

Erector: Ron Cleveland Construction Co. LLC

Roof Panels: Star Building Systems

Insulation: Guardian Building Products

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