Brad Pitt’s foundation unveils 14 duplex designs for New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward

July 02, 2009 |

Designs clockwise from top left: William McDonough + Partners, Elemental, BNIM, Gehry Partners        



Gehry Partners, William McDonough + Partners, and BNIM are among 14 architecture firms commissioned by Brad Pitt's Make It Right foundation to develop duplex housing concepts specifically for rebuilding the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. All 14 concepts were released yesterday.

The foundation wanted each design to be unique in style, yet still meet basic standards for flexibility, affordability, integration with the street, and landscaping as a design and energy element. For instance, a number of the designs feature interchangeable floor plans that allow the families to change the size and configuration of the two homes as their family size, needs, or economic situation changes.

The homes are elevated to avoid flooding, and many of the designs include courtyards, interior gardens, and social use of the area under the elevated house. To cut costs, several architects stacked the houses to reduce the footprint of the home and simplify construction.

Read about all 14 duplex designs at:



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