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Why community-wide wireless networks are the future of multifamily housing

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Why community-wide wireless networks are the future of multifamily housing

Boingo: Where Connectivity Meets Community | September 25, 2019
Why community-wide wireless networks are the future of multifamily housing
Why community-wide wireless networks are the future of multifamily housing

There’s little doubt that reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi access has progressed from a popular amenity to an absolute necessity for attracting and retaining residents.

As property owners and managers consider the best connectivity approach for their communities, a bulk wireless network has emerged as the superior solution. Bulk no longer is a “set it and forget it” approach of years past; the term has evolved into a total connected community model necessary for the hyperconnected 5G era.

Unlike the traditional approach to wireless, which places residents and owners/managers at the mercy of cable companies or Internet service providers, bulk networks serve as a property’s central operational hub. Residents benefit from instant-on, wall-to-wall coverage, and owners/managers have access to real-time usage insights and a role in ensuring the best customer experience.

We’ve done our research and compiled a list of five reasons why multifamily property owners and managers are taking control of their wireless networks with high-quality, community-wide bulk solutions:

1. To create an exceptional resident experience.
Blazing-fast Wi-Fi directly correlates to resident satisfaction, which leads to longer leases and ultimately translates to a gold-star property reputation. 

Bulk wireless equips owners and developers with real-time network insights so they and their service provider partners can customize the system architecture to meet resident needs, whether that’s to support heavy gaming or IoT connections.

2. Bulk is a backbone of Wi-Fi 6.
Wi-Fi technology, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019, continues to progress with ongoing advancements in speed, reliability, and security.

Recently launched is Wi-Fi 6, the next generation of Wi-Fi, which brings higher speed and capacity, lower latency, and more advanced traffic management. These enhanced capabilities strengthen Wi-Fi’s ability to support high traffic loads—many devices in the same unit, etc.—hyperdense deployments, and latency-sensitive services, like online gaming, with increased spectrum efficiency, range, reliability, and security.

Bulk wireless is an optimal model for facilitating not only Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, but also 5G. Think about it: How can residents work, stream, and benefit from a property’s smart solutions—locks, security cameras, Amazon lockers, etc.—throughout the community if it doesn’t have a bulk-first mentality?

3. It powers mobile maintenance.
As technology continues to reshape the way properties are managed, a bulk wireless infrastructure supports a more efficient maintenance process. Bulk connects smart appliances for ongoing monitoring and helps ensure breaks are flagged in real-time.

With fast wireless connectivity, residents can also use solutions like a convenient mobile app to file and track maintenance requests, helping property managers maintain the community more effectively and efficiently.

4. Bulk enables self-guided property tours.
By offering self-guided tours, property operators can showcase the unique features and amenities of their communities to a larger number of prospective residents.

Self-guided tours not only use less staff time, but also generate a higher conversion rate because potential residents appreciate the flexibility and low pressure that this approach affords. Visitors can use a connected mobile device that’s preprogrammed with auto lock codes providing access to individual spaces. Bulk wireless makes this option feasible by providing a “connectivity layer” that blankets the entire property with secure Wi-Fi.

5. Owners can reap the benefits of building automation powered by IoT.
As today’s multifamily residents continue to rely on a growing number of smart devices—from smart thermostats to interactive lighting—a bulk wireless network ensures that these valuable tools stay connected and operational.

This seamless automation also provides property owners and managers with numerous benefits, including lower energy costs, reduced maintenance costs, improved security, and an overall reduction in operating expenses.

In the game of connectivity, it’s hard to find a reason why today’s multifamily owners would NOT take full ownership of connectivity across their property. Without question, a bulk wireless network outperforms the outdated, can’t-survive-the-5G-world traditional wireless model. It’s a win-win for building owners/managers and the residents—and the best solution for creating a connected community, both now and into the future.

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