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Boingo reinvents multifamily connectivity with world’s best Wi-Fi

More than 300,000 residents from 2,200 multifamily properties depend on Boingo’s “instant-on” Wi-Fi.

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April 22, 2020 |
Boingo: Where Connectivity Meets Community

Now, more than ever, staying connected is essential. Whether it’s using FaceTime to check on loved ones, turning your living room into a home office, ordering food via Grubhub, or just catching up on the latest TikTok dance trends, we all depend on reliable Wi-Fi.

At Boingo, Wi-Fi is what we do. Our global wireless networks reach more than one billion people annually. You might know us for powering connectivity at places like airports and stadiums, but did you know Boingo is also a leading Wi-Fi provider for multifamily communities? Our award-winning Wi-Fi serves more than 2,200 properties nationwide.

For a glimpse of Boingo’s unique approach to connecting multifamily communities, check out this video.

Boingo’s community-wide Wi-Fi ensures that residents stay securely connected no matter where they are on the property. Multifamily owners and property managers agree—seamless connectivity is key to creating an exceptional resident experience. 

Just as residents expect water to flow from a faucet or a light fixture to illuminate each time a switch is turned on, they’ve also come to expect a reliable Internet connection to power the bulk of their daily activities.

Community-wide Wi-Fi is the oxygen that supports today’s mobile-first lifestyles—from the couch, to the laundry room, to the pool. It’s one amenity that residents use continuously. 

“Instant-on” is a big part of what we offer properties. Residents now expect connectivity the day they move in. No one has the time or patience to wait on hold with the cable company while trying to schedule an installation appointment, only to wait again for days before the Wi-Fi installation can occur. With Boingo, residents simply sign up, log in, and get connected to fast Wi-Fi, instantly. 

Fast, instant, awesome Wi-Fi is just the beginning. We’ve also got you covered for the future. Boingo is at the forefront of the quickly evolving technology landscape to keep pace with new innovations such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6, CBRS and millimeter wave (mmWave) technology. We follow a converged approach to technology to serve properties with the best networks for their business, whether that’s licensed spectrum, unlicensed or shared.

Security is always top of mind at Boingo. The U.S. Department of Defense, major transportation hubs, and other high-profile public venues trust the integrity of our Wi-Fi networks. Our team of experts works with senior multifamily executives to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity at the property level, using a layered security architecture to safeguard against threats.

When it comes to connectivity, Boingo puts property owners and managers in the driver’s seat. Our flexible Wi-Fi allows multifamily owners to steer their network according to their community’s needs with 24/7 network insights and award-winning, around-the-clock customer care.

Learn more about Boingo and how we’re reinventing multifamily connectivity in our new multifamily video.

Boingo Where Connectivity Meets Community
Boingo: Where Connectivity Meets Community | Boingo

Boingo’s blog, Where Connectivity Meets Community, explores the ubiquity of Wi-Fi and the growing needs of wireless in residential communities across the U.S. Join us as we delve into hot topics in the multifamily industry, including community-wide Wi-Fi, cellular solutions, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn more about Boingo and its award-winning wireless for multifamily properties at https://www.boingo.com/multifamily.

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