Biometric screening is more than a pathway to health. It’s a lifesaver.

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October 31, 2016 |
Carissa Smith

If you’re thinking about adding a wellness program to your business, don’t think too long — just do it. There are so many great reasons to do so, but three key ones are:

  1. Healthier employees = happier and safer employees
  2. A 20% health insurance discount may apply
  3. You might just save a life

And out of the many wellness programs available, one is particularly vital: biometric screening. At Star, it actually saved a man’s life.

Upon learning all of the benefits of a biometric screening, Star scheduled a day for employee testing. As results were received, everything rolled along easily until a curious blood sample raised some eyebrows. 


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Carissa Smith | Metal Building Trends
Star Building Systems
Human Resources Manager

Carissa Smith has been in Human Resources since 2002 and enjoys helping employees maneuver through questions or issues related to benefits, wellness, and personal growth. She is most proud of gaining her Professional Human Resources (PHR) Certificate in 2013. Carissa enjoys woodworking, sewing, decorating, and spending time with her husband, Jeff, 3 daughters, son in law, and new grandbaby. 

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