ASHRAE to release standards this summer for preventing Legionnaire’s disease

March 06, 2012 |
Lynne Simnick

ASHRAE is expected to release “ASHRAEStandard 188: Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systemsthis summer. The new standard will require that facility managers implement stronger safeguards through proactive risk assessment and risk management practices to prevent Legionnaire’s disease—a serious form of pneumonia.

Occupants can become ill with the disease when they ingest or inhale water or aerosols contaminated with Legionellabacteria. Legionella guidelines have been around for years, but there has been no consensus on best practices to follow for prevention and control of the disease. Making matters worse, many existing guidelines are backed by little or no scientific evidence. Some of these ineffective practices are labor-intensive, costing facility managers wasted time and money.

ASHRAE 188, written by engineering, microbiology, disease prevention, and water treatment experts, provides a comprehensive set of practices that facility managers can follow to help prevent Legionellosis. The standard specifies uniform practices for risk assessment and management. It covers potable water systems; cooling towers and evaporative condensers; whirlpool spas; decorative fountains; other water features; and aerosol-generating air coolers, humidifiers, and washers.


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Lynne Simnick | Codes and Standards

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