5G moves multifamily wireless from amenity to utility

5G ups the ante to make the connected life inside and outside the home more streamlined

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May 02, 2019 |
Boingo: Where Connectivity Meets Community

Revolutionary. Transformative. Game changer. These are just a few descriptors attached to 5G, the next generation of wireless that will succeed 4G. The new standard is set to vastly improve connectivity between people and things. It dominates press headlines and takes center stage at nearly every tech conference—all while causing a world of confusion among property owners and residents alike. Many questions remain. What really is 5G? Why does it matter? And what does that mean for multifamily housing?

Understanding 5G and how it will impact apartment living is crucial. With the technology rolling out nationwide, here’s what property owners should take note of as the next generation of wireless becomes reality.


The Network for Digital Natives

Today’s residents are digital natives with high connectivity demands. They crave technology that is connected, instant, and always on. This is where 5G comes in. 5G ups the ante to make the connected life inside and outside of the home more streamlined and efficient. Ultra-fast streaming, gaming and browsing only scratch the surface. 5G enables the next era of connectivity, powering IoT, autonomous driving and building automation 2.0.


The Network for Digital Transformation

Staples of apartment living, which for decades have been analog, are digitizing, changing how properties operate. With 5G, this digital transformation will be amplified via innovations like artificial intelligence, connected locks, centralized delivery lockers, connected thermostats, energy efficiency apps and smart data management.

To navigate the evolving digital landscape, owners should plan for property-wide wireless coverage with technologies that meet 5G specifications. This is key for operational efficiencies and maintaining high resident satisfaction. If they aren’t already, residents will soon get 5G speeds and coverage at work and on the go. They’ll want that same experience at home, raising the bar for low-latency multifamily property networks that are fast, dense and go beyond units and into common areas like the pool, gym and lounge. Wireless can’t be viewed as an amenity. It’s now a utility.


The Network for Neutral Host Business Models

Powering a new generation of 5G connectivity requires access to more spectrum. Beyond the 5G 3GPP standard, technologies like Wi-Fi 6, CBRS and mmWave will facilitate a broad range of connected use cases. Owners should look to neutral host business models for their wireless strategy to benefit from all available spectrum—licensed, unlicensed and shared. Neutral host is a shared wireless platform that is advantageous for all players involved—property owners, residents, carriers and managed service providers—as the model balances the need for coverage and capacity with cost, while meeting property owners’ end goal of giving consumers a great connected experience.

5G is taking center stage. Is your property ready?

Boingo Where Connectivity Meets Community
Boingo: Where Connectivity Meets Community |

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