‘The Quarter’ is transforming a thriving urban neighborhood in Cleveland

Neglected urban centers are getting a second chance, and Ohio City is a prime example

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January 17, 2018 |
Kristin Michael

Old is new again. Neglected urban centers are getting a second chance, and Ohio City is a prime example. The Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood is undergoing rapid revival, adding retail, restaurants and residences to the area.

Ohio City is poised to see an influx of residents, meaning real estate is in demand. Developers are scrambling to complete fast-paced construction cycles while still meeting high-performance building standards. Greg Osborne, vice president of project management with Snavely Group, began construction on a mixed-use project in late 2016, and he knew it had to be built quickly without sacrificing quality.

He told me, “The building, called The Quarter, has 194 market-rate apartments and 10,000 square feet of leasable space. One of our tenants on the first floor is The Music Settlement, a local inner-city school dedicated to serving the community through arts education, and another is a small grocery store.”

Osborne mentioned that Snavely executives kept the needs of a diverse range of tenants top priority as they specified materials. The company opted for the best performing products, among them ZIP System® R-sheathing and tape. Snavely also decided to use a panelized wall assembly to accommodate the tight schedule.

When talking about the material choice, Osborne said, “We used OSB on other buildings that we then had to go back and waterproof. Why not put up something with integrated waterproof coating to save labor? It also made sense in terms of time and energy, and it helped us achieve code requirements for continuous exterior insulation.”

Snavely Group also decided to use a panelized wall system in order to ensure high-performance building standards were met. The company worked in conjunction with 84 Lumber to construct the walls offsite in an environmentally controlled location, where quality checks could easily be made throughout the process. With this system, the panels could be installed without the worry or hassle of additional steps like having a water proofer come to the jobsite.

Osborne added that ZIP System R-sheathing was more than a top-quality project - it was a “schedule saver” for the Quarters job. He said, “Time is a factor with every job now. In the apartment market, it’s a race. Every month you aren’t leasing is big money lost. At the end of the day, ZIP System® sheathing panels were always going to be part of the project.”

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Kristin Michael |
Huber Engineered Woods
Brand Marketing Manager

Kristin Michael is the brand marketing manager for Huber Engineered Woods, manufacturer of AdvanTech® subflooring and adhesive and ZIP System® sheathing and tape products. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Huber Engineered Woods has manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Maine, Oklahoma, Virginia and Tennessee, as well as research and development facilities in Georgia. For more information, visit HuberWood.com, or send technical inquiries to techquestions@huber.com.

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