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StrXur by Bluebeam tells the stories of the remarkable people, relevant processes and evolving technologies driving innovation in the design and construction industry.  Writers and industry thought leaders including Sasha Reed, Mike Landers, and Ross Ufberg will share stories about the forces and people driving change in our industry. Strxur is the editorial arm of, the company that develops innovative technology solutions that set the standard for collaboration and workflow efficiency for AEC professionals worldwide.

Building Team | Sasha Reed Jul 11, 2016

Construction Disruption at AECX: Technology, hackathons and the promise of change in LA

The lead up to AECX featured a discussion providing insight into the current state of the AEC technological revolution by exploring opportunities, challenges and choices AEC pros face.  

| Sasha Reed Jun 23, 2016

Implementing Change: The Five Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Two truths from the jobsite: 1) The best part about uncovering a problem is discovering its solution, and 2) The worst part about discovering the solution is implementing it. 

AEC Tech | Sasha Reed Jun 9, 2016

With all these sharks in the water… (No Predictions Here...Part 2)

Rather than fighting to control the proliferation of apps, perhaps we should be training our eyes to look for signs of long-term viability among all the fins in the water

| Sasha Reed Feb 28, 2016

No tech predictions here—there are too many sharks in the water

Typically at the beginning of the year, I like to do my own assessment of what to predict from the…
BIM and Information Technology | Sasha Reed Dec 17, 2015

How is the Value of VDC for Design Management Translating Outside the US?

Sascha Vesterlund, a VDC Specialist, Design Processer with MT Højgaard, and Nathan Wood, Innovation at DPR Construction, shared their perspectives on VDC

BIM and Information Technology | Sasha Reed Nov 25, 2015

Contractor leverages dynamic site logistic plan as BIM deliverable

I recently sat down with two Architects-Turned-VDC-Process-Managers to discuss the ways in which they are leveraging technology to bring the value of BIM downstream

BIM and Information Technology | Sasha Reed Nov 12, 2015

Is the PDF revolution advancing BIM workflows?

Many project teams who struggle to get everyone up to speed with BIM, find PDFs a useful tool to bridge the gap between the BIM world and the paper world

BIM and Information Technology | Sasha Reed Oct 7, 2015

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 – designed with the AEC industry in mind

Sasha Reed sits down with Microsoft’s Senior Director of Programs, Pete Kyriacou to discuss the unique challenges AEC professionals face and why the  Surface Pro 3 was designed to help them be more productive.

BIM and Information Technology | Sasha Reed Oct 1, 2015

How can owners make better decisions with the help of analytics?

Sasha Reed sits down with David Fano, Chief Technology Officer for WeWork  (formerly with CASE), at BIMForum to discuss how owners make better decisions with the help of analytics.

BIM and Information Technology | Sasha Reed Aug 20, 2015

Part II - Will BIM Work as a Deliverable? A Legal Perspective on BIM

Having the right counsel on your team can be the difference between long drawn-out negotiations and breaking new ground to meet the owner’s needs.

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