For more than five decades, Callison and RTKL have created some of the world’s most memorable and successful environments for developers, retailers, investors, institutions and public entities. In 2015, our two practices came together under the Arcadis umbrella, expanding our sphere of influence and the depth and breadth of our resources. Our team is comprised of more than 2,000 creative, innovative professionals throughout the world who are committed to advancing our clients’ businesses and enhancing quality of life. Our firm-wide blog covers all aspects of architecture and design.
Architects | March 27, 2017 | CallisonRTKL blog Maren Striker
CRTKL’s Maren Striker examines Europe’s desire to build upward.
High-rise Construction | February 17, 2017 | CallisonRTKL blog Eugene Park
As new technologies fuel the race to build higher, three primal drivers simultaneously enable progress and keep it in check.
Retail Centers | January 24, 2017 | CallisonRTKL blog Bret Wiggins
CallisonRTKL's Bret Wiggins discusses how to design the retail environment in a way that taps into the shopper psyche.
Wayfinding trends: Modern digital signage caters to personal tastes and profiles of shoppers

Photo: CallisonRTKL

Retail Centers | December 23, 2016 | CallisonRTKL blog Cody Clark
Applications like Bluetooth-driven Beacon systems and cellular Wi-Fi systems can now be used to help people navigate space in a more profound way, wri...
Architects | September 29, 2016 | CallisonRTKL blog Harold Thompson, AIA, LEED AP, CallisonRTKL
Innovation and sustainability drive an increasingly global design culture in Dubai.
Healthcare Facilities | September 07, 2016 | CallisonRTKL blog
As healthcare costs continue to increase, operators are exploring new delivery models and social platforms to personalize the provision of healthcare...

Image courtesy CallisonRTKL.

Architects | July 28, 2016 | CallisonRTKL blog Jayson Lee
What do Tesla, Airbnb and Amazon have in common? They’re all shifting the paradigm for quality of life and the built environment, as CallisonRTKL seni...
Green Breakthrough: The new invention behind sustainable temperature control

Xylem in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rendering courtesy CallisonRTKL. Click here to enlarge.

Green | June 28, 2016 | CallisonRTKL blog Pablo La Roche
CallisonRTKL’s sustainable design expert Pablo La Roche shares Xylem, the latest innovation on creating thermal comfort.  
Why people are the most important factor in urban regeneration

A 100-hectare contemporary waterfront site in Belgrade, Serbia. Rendering courtesy CallisonRTKL.

Urban Planning | May 20, 2016 | CallisonRTKL blog Edgar Kiviet
What makes large-scale urban regeneration projects successful? CallisonRTKL's Edgar Kiviet explores how cities, particularly those in Eastern Europe,...

Photo: © CallisonRTKL

Architects | April 22, 2016 | CallisonRTKL blog Kirill Pivovarov
CallisonRTKL’s Kirill Pivovarov explores how densification can lead to increased productivity and innovation in the workplace.
The power of analytics in creating better in-store experiences and added value for retailers

CallisonRTKL's vision of the Mall of the Future. Larger view here; interactive website here. All images courtesy CallisonRTKL.

Retail Centers | March 16, 2016 | CallisonRTKL blog
As shopping center owners and operators look to use technology in innovative ways to support their brick-and-mortar tenants, how do developers balance...

Section of the private residential gardens (click to view expanded version). Renderings, illustrations courtesy CallisonRTKL

Architects | February 02, 2016 | CallisonRTKL blog Matthias Olt
Matthias Olt, Associate Vice President at CallisonRTKL, discusses new ways to improve individual health and well-being through tower design.
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