BD+C’s 2008 White Paper: Green Buildings + Climate Change

May 15, 2009 |

“To me, climate change is the single largest issue facing the nation today. We must

make dramatic changes immediately in order to have hope that our quality of life will

not change for the worse over the next decades due to climate change.”

— Elizabeth Weiss, Managing Principal, Gorman Richardson Architects

Elizabeth Weiss speaks for the hundreds of AEC professionals who responded

to our exclusive survey on climate change and who expressed deep concern

about global warming. They want to do something about climate change, but

may not necessarily know how they can make a difference.

In this White Paper, we provide concrete ways in which AEC professionals can

have a positive role in addressing climate change. To that end, we offer:

¡ An analysis of the most rigorous scientifi c study of global warming, the Fourth

Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, with

particular attention to the built environment.

¡ A review of 34 national, regional, state, and local climate change initiatives

and their impact on the AEC industry.

¡ Practical steps AEC professionals can take to cut greenhouse gas emissions in

buildings using well-known technologies and methods.

We conclude with a detailed Action Plan—eight recommendations and 22

specific action items for AEC professionals and fi rms to implement in their work.

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