Baltimore architecture firm L2M designs prototype retail outlet for High's Dairy Stores; first store opens in St. Michaels, Md.

January 20, 2009 |


BALTIMORE - L2M, Inc., a nationally recognized architecture firm with expertise in retail, travel & leisure, foodservice and health care design announced today it has completed a project with High's Dairy Stores in St. Michaels, Md. that will introduce a new store design for one of Maryland's most recognized brands. Designed as a prototype for future stores, elements of the new look and feel incorporate an enhanced customer experience.


To keep in step with increasing competition, High's Dairy Stores engaged L2M in late 2007 to collaborate on a design that would revamp three critical areas of the store – custom food orders, a new coffee and condiment area as well as update the front exterior of the building.


Working with current store plans, L2M's prototype was able to incorporate the new program requirements and only increase store area by approximately 500 square feet.  This increased capacity allowed for more efficiency around the new areas of the store design.


"The prototype developed with High's Dairy Stores addresses three areas that enhance a customer's experience at the store," said L2M Inc., Principal Jeff Mahler. "Each of these elements are incorporated to showcase the new direction High's is taking to satisfy its wide range of customers."


The updated design centers on High's Dairy Stores direction to move into the custom food service offering.  Replacing the traditional pretzel, pizza wheel and hotdog roller, L2M revamped service line and food counter areas. While the design allows for verbal orders to be taken during slower times, point-of-sale touch-screen ordering kiosks are also incorporated to keep orders flowing. In addition to providing easy access to its new custom food offering, L2M incorporated a café, providing tables and seating within the store that allows customers an option of eating in; a completely new experience for High's Dairy Stores patrons who typically had to take food on the go.


In conjunction with establishing the custom food area, L2M's design also modified the coffee and condiment area.  Located in the back of the store and designed to bring traffic flow deeper, L2M converted the traditional bar-style area into an island that presented the products in a new context, allowing for better sight lines and traffic flow in and around the new food service areas.


Along with internal modifications made, L2M added minor exterior updates to the store.  Working to preserve High's Dairy Stores well-recognized brand image, L2M updated signage and added dormers to the front of the building that were congruent with traditional brand standards.


"Our St. Michaels store presents a concept that innovates High's Dairy Stores," said Briana Darnell, director of real estate for High's Dairy Stores. "Our collaboration with L2M creates a new image for stores within our industry."


St. Michaels is the first High's Dairy location to receive the updated package.  In the next two years, plans to incorporate L2M's innovative design are being considered in five to six stores in the chain.


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