Baird to analyze commercial modular construction industry

July 12, 2006 |

Robert W. Baird & Co. has asked to work with the Modular Building Institute to gather and analyze investor data on the commercial modular industry.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Baird is an internationally recognized member of the New York Stock Exchange that specializes in equity research, private equity, and public finance services. Baird suggested the collaboration because MBI is recognized as the only international trade association for commercial modular construction and represents the largest number of commercial modular construction providers in the United States and Canada.

Quarterly results will be published independently by Baird, and the independently analyzed data will be incorporated by MBI in its new annual year in review report. The first survey will be sent by Baird to dealers, wholesale manufacturers, and direct manufacturers this summer.

As they did in 2004 and 2005, small-cap and mid-cap institutional fund managers ranked Baird as their highest quality, most trusted source of research in a 2006 survey by Greenwich Associates, a leading consultant to the investment industry. Baird was also ranked as the most important provider of small-cap and mid-cap research in 2006. Fund managers ranked all major Wall Street firms on a number of factors and ranked Baird first in multiple categories.

"We feel the relationship between MBI and Baird will attract even more interest to this rapidly growing market sector," said Tom Hardiman, executive director of the Modular Building Institute. "The association is pleased to have this invaluable opportunity to work with such a highly respected equity research firm."

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