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VIATechnik is the global leader in virtual design and construction, with 150+ digital experts in 7 global offices. We are on a mission to transform the analog world of design and construction into a digital platform, enabling efficient design, industrialized construction, and a digital real estate service model. Through this transformation, we believe we can solve the world’s housing and infrastructure challenges, deliver spaces that nurture life, commerce, and relationships. The Edge is VIATechnik's blog where our team shares our experiences and explores ideas that create real impact on the built world.

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September 25, 2019
Finally, a fully-digitized construction industry is on the horizon.
September 10, 2019
Buildings become unattractive in the transition from digital design to physical building.
June 12, 2019
In the industry war for talent, organizations that nurture and grow soft skills will win.
The construction industry has a problem, and women are going to solve it

According to a Forbes study, diverse companies produce 19% more earnings than their counterparts. In addition to generating more revenue, diverse teams produce a host of benefits, including increased productivity and heightened company reputation. Photo: VIATechnik

Contractors | VIATechnik blog | April 11, 2019
Women currently comprise 9% of the construction industry. Here’s how we will change this...
Embracing collaboration tools from outside the AEC industry

Source: VIATechnik

AEC Tech | VIATechnik blog | March 26, 2019
Let's take a look at the available technologies from outside AEC that are seeing greater...

Image of an Alabama factory, where BLOX prefabricates modular components for the healthcare industry. Using Design Manufacture Construct (DMC), BLOX delivers high-quality, standardized products that make construction better, faster, and smarter. Photo: BLOX

Building Tech | VIATechnik blog | February 14, 2019
Experts project that prefabrication and modular construction will total $209 billion by...
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