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Published by global design firm Stantec, this eclectic blog features viewpoints, insights, and explanations from Stantec architects, engineers, and designers, on a range of issues impacting the fabric of our communities. Our contributors share their thoughts about design trends, emerging technologies, vexing challenges, and inspired solutions. For more blog posts, visit:

Communal space in a Boston office

Healthcare lounges should take inspiration from communal spaces in the workplace, like the Fish & Richardson office in Boston.

Healthcare Facilities | Stantec | August 28, 2017
When done right, medical staff lounges are an essential part of the healthcare workplace.
A rendering of a senior care room
Healthcare Facilities | Stantec | July 31, 2017
When a family member can no longer be cared for in their current home, they require...
CarloMaria Ciampoli discusses design during the General Assembly/We Work event in Denver, Colorado.

CarloMaria Ciampoli discusses design during the General Assembly/We Work event in Denver, Colorado.

Architects | Stantec | July 19, 2017
What is design? Who are designers? And are there any common laws or rules than can unite...
Stantec | June 30, 2017
Labs are designed by discipline, aligned by relevant commonalities, and adjoined to...
Retail Centers | Stantec | June 21, 2017
It’s time to plan for the suburban retail reset—and it starts by rethinking the...
K-12 Schools | Stantec | May 16, 2017
Students are helping drive change by focusing on the future.
Stantec | April 11, 2017
Creating healthier populations through local community health centers.

Cherry Creek North

Retail Centers | Stantec | March 07, 2017
What’s driving experiential retail in 2017 and beyond?
Building Team | Stantec | February 21, 2017
Archaeologists continually unearth artifacts in our cities. It's time to showcase them.

Photo courtesy of the University of Waterloo

Augmented Reality | Stantec | January 13, 2017
Measuring how the human mind responds to buildings could improve design.

Pixabay Public Domain

Healthcare Facilities | Stantec | September 16, 2016
Discovering new ways design can—and can’t—improve the patient experience.
Designers | Stantec | August 16, 2016
Creating a network of experts to talk next generation healthcare design education
5 creative approaches to finish standards

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge, La. Photos: Hedrich Blessing, Marie Constantin, Ted Kiper, courtesy VOA.

Architects | Stantec | July 22, 2016
With the right mindset, standards can produce great design for healthcare facilities, as...

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Horizon Village. Images courtesy VOA.


University Buildings | Stantec | July 06, 2016
Universities across the country are striving to meet the demand of on-campus housing. VOA...

Images courtesy VOA

Architects | Stantec | May 16, 2016
VOA's Pablo Quintana writes that the industry is looking for ways to increase engagement...
Creating a home for eldercare using the ‘Green House’ design concept

Sketch: VOA Associates

Architects | Stantec | April 14, 2016
VOA Associates’ Douglas King offers design considerations in implementing the Green House...
15 ways "soft brand" hotel chains can distinguish themselves

Photo courtesy VOA

Hotel Facilities | Stantec | November 13, 2015
Hospitality’s biggest names are creating new, evolved brands to appeal to today’s...
Emotional intelligence and design

Image courtesy VOA Blog

Architects | Stantec | November 03, 2015
In a world in which technology and its skills are constantly changing, good people skills...
5 reasons healthcare organizations are implementing finish standards on construction projects

LSU's Graduate Medical Education & Innovation Center in Baton Rouge, La. Photo courtesy VOA Blog.

Healthcare Facilities | Stantec | September 21, 2015
The desire for improved patient satisfaction, staff retention, and turn-key maintenance...

Image: Steelcase Ology, courtesy VOA Associates

Stantec | August 18, 2015
Sit-to-stand work surfaces were all the rage this year, according to VOA Associates'...
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