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Published by global design firm Stantec, this eclectic blog features viewpoints, insights, and explanations from Stantec architects, engineers, and designers, on a range of issues impacting the fabric of our communities. Our contributors share their thoughts about design trends, emerging technologies, vexing challenges, and inspired solutions. For more blog posts, visit:

Retail Centers | August 19, 2020
From malls and big-box stores to online delivery and mall redevelopment: Here’s how the...
Hotel Facilities | August 14, 2020
As hotels begin to reopen, the focus on health and safety takes priority while working...
Woman wearing a mask outside

A recently published article pleads for the immediate recognition and issuing of suitable advice on mitigating control measures, which includes wearing masks.

Coronavirus | August 03, 2020
Health authorities say it’s important to understand the dangers of microdroplets. How...

Courtesy Pixabay

Coronavirus | July 13, 2020
Changes in building design and operations can drastically improve public health and...
May 28, 2020
Your lighting-controls system can provide you with the right data to inform a smarter,...

Courtesy Pixabay

May 14, 2020
We now have the tools and technology to treat internet like roads, bridges, and other...

Stantec’s Urban Places proposal for lively new mixed-use neighborhood in suburban Newton, Massachusetts was endorsed in a town-wide referendum that demonstrated community-wide support for “greener density.”

April 27, 2020
How we can help our clients and communities transition to planning in the post-pandemic...

It’s important that healthcare teams can control access to every department in the hospital. When there’s an outbreak, it’s key that practitioners have the option to restrict access to certain spaces.

Coronavirus | April 06, 2020
A Canadian healthcare architect looks at how hospital staff can act now to modify...
Coronavirus | March 26, 2020
What can we learn from Singapore’s response to COVID-19? How does it impact the next...
Coronavirus | Stantec | March 16, 2020
As the global health community tracks the spread of this virus, it’s important for...
February 18, 2020
Urban developments are seeking to promote innovation, healthy living, and...

The design team wanted to create a powerful sense of arrival at the new Green Haven Shelter for Women. The shelter’s design includes a welcoming canopy that brings warmth to the façade.

January 24, 2020
How designing a women’s shelter taught one architect about recovery, reintegration, and...
November 21, 2019
Looking to enliven your city with a laneway revamp? Follow the themes of breathe, move,...

The Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio, where natural light and views are abundant. Extensive use of glass on the north and south facades brings daylight into corridors, care stations, and staff workrooms. (Stantec/William Rawn Associates)

September 27, 2019
Healthcare organizations need to consider branding, space usage, and engagement to remain...
August 21, 2019
Design can help increase mental healthcare access for city dwellers.
ErinoakKids treatment center, Erin Sauga, courtesy Stantec

For our design for an ErinoakKids treatment center, we needed to include a staircase that incorporated a large landing, since kids with mobility issues require a space to rest. So, we came up with a treehouse concept, which can be seen at the top left of this image. Photo courtesy Stantec

Architects | Stantec | July 15, 2019
Standard building requirements don’t have to be boring. Here’s how you can inject...
Retail Centers | Stantec | April 02, 2019
We continually hear that “retail is dying,” but there are many foundational retail types...
What happens downtown doesn’t stay downtown: The ripple effects of a strong center city

The mix of uses typically seen in downtowns—stores, housing, offices, arts and entertainment—typically generate far more fiscal revenue than other neighborhoods. Photo: Minneapolis Downtown Council

Urban Planning | Stantec | March 01, 2019
A new report from the International Downtown Association measures the true value and...
Airports | Stantec | February 21, 2019
More airports are asking passengers to check their own baggage. What’s the ripple effect?
Student housing series: Designing a home away from home in The Golden State

A rendering of UC Davis student housing. Rendering: Stantec

Multifamily Housing | Stantec | January 31, 2019
California asserts building code restrictions more stringently than other states, making...
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