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NAC Architecture is an award-winning design firm, with over 170 professionals and a track record spanning more than half a century. We are thought leaders, yet our legacy of listening and learning remains constant. The NACLab, NAC Architecture’s blog, features thoughts and lessons related to current issues. Authored by our established and emerging thought leaders, the purpose of the blog is to invite conversation and constructive reflection on the cultural and material complexities of design. We believe this dialogue ultimately informs stronger design solutions to our clients’ and society’s most challenging problems. Visit us at

Education Facility | NAC Architecture | July 06, 2018
Today, efforts toward equity in education encompass a wide spectrum of considerations...
Healthcare Facilities | NAC Architecture | May 29, 2018
Telemedicine is a broad term that covers many aspects and mediums of care, but primarily...
Architects | NAC Architecture | March 23, 2018
In order to understand why a school day can be so grueling for an introverted student, it...
Architects | NAC Architecture | October 31, 2017
People are enigmatic and inherently complex, which can make it difficult to design for a...
Children at play in an early education center classroom
Education Facility | NAC Architecture | October 03, 2017
When the design of early learning centers is grounded in the science of developmental...
Children working on laptops
NAC Architecture | September 12, 2017
Simply defined, blended learning mixes face-to-face with online instruction.

Cherry Crest Elementary School, Bellevue, Wash. Photo: NAC Architecture

Education Facility | NAC Architecture | March 09, 2017
The art of designing schools lies not in just understanding what makes a functional...
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