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AEC Tech | Gensler | May 23, 2017
As AI proves safe, big business will want to reduce overhead.

Gensler’s Sleep Set 2016 concept. Image © Gensler.

Hotel Facilities | Gensler | May 19, 2017
There’s a shift from accommodating to specific market niches towards places that can...

Image © Carvana.

Building Automation | Gensler | April 27, 2017
Significant changes are underway as automotive manufacturers and retailers try to...

Moffitt Cancer Center Core Laboratory. Image © Gensler

Architects | Gensler | April 13, 2017
While most labs are designed to achieve that basic functionality, a transformational lab...

Image: Jasper Sanidad.

Building Team | Gensler | March 28, 2017
Restroom access affects everyone: people with medical needs or disabilities, caretakers,...

Image © George Clerk.

Hotel Facilities | Gensler | February 20, 2017
Change is inevitable and it impacts on everything, not least on the way we design.

Motorola Mobility’s Chicago Headquarters fuses cutting-edge technology and workplace design to become a benchmark for the creative office. Image © Gensler.

Education Facility | Gensler | February 07, 2017
As companies are increasingly looking for people who can do things like communicate...

One Museum Place, Shanghai. Image © Gensler.

High-rise Construction | Gensler | January 04, 2017
In spite of the ability to build tall and taller buildings—usually fully glazed, often in...

CBRE Masonic Temple in Glendale, California. Image © Gensler/Ryan Gobuty.

Office Building Design | Gensler | December 14, 2016
More, and more, companies are emphasizing the importance of creating a meaningful sense...

Image © Gensler

Augmented Reality | Gensler | December 12, 2016
With the Trimble Software for Microsoft’s HoloLens device we’re able to bring into the...

Mecklenburg County Land Use Environmental Service Agency, Charlotte, NC, Image © Gensler.

Architects | Gensler | December 01, 2016
Government work settings ranked the lowest in their effectiveness across the four work...

The Washington Post's nerve center. Image © Garrett Rowland.

Office Building Design | Gensler | November 14, 2016
The converged environment is a live-streaming workplace, a zone where news and content...

Costa Rica Convention Center. Image © Gensler

Building Team | Gensler | November 07, 2016
Biomimicry takes inspiration from nature’s form, processes, and ecosystems to solve human...

Image © Gensler

Architects | Gensler | October 14, 2016
As technology continues to evolve, we have to simultaneously adapt and help our clients...

Image © Gensler

Office Building Design | Gensler | September 30, 2016
No matter how lavish the amenities, they’ll prove ineffective in making any kind of...

Image © Gensler

Architects | Gensler | September 19, 2016
Over the past 100 years, how we work has changed dramatically, and these changes have...

City Point Brooklyn - Food Hall Study images.

Architects | Gensler | September 13, 2016
Food halls have not only become an economical solution for restauranteurs and chefs...

Westin Hotel and Transit Center at Denver International Airport. Rendering Courtesy of Gensler.

Hotel Facilities | Gensler | August 02, 2016
Millennials’ desire for authentic experiences has been the catalyst for a refresh of most...
Designing with Office Heroes: Lessons from a network of startup professionals

Prezi office in San Francisco. Photo: © Michael Townsend, via Gensler

Designers | Gensler | July 21, 2016
Gensler Design Strategist Katie Rodrigues talks about how the design community can...

The new University of Kansas School of Business building marks a departure from the traditional design model – and, thus, the traditional approach to learning – focusing on innovation, serendipity, and being “future ready.” Image: Gensler.

Higher Education | Gensler | June 30, 2016
Academic incubators that bridge school and the workplace are transforming design in...
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