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Gensler Dialogue Blog

Published by Gensler, a global design firm with 5,000 practitioners networked across five continents, Gensler Dialogue Blog features insights and opinions of architects and designers on how design innovation makes cities more livable, work smarter, and leisure more engaging. Our contributors write about projects of every scale, from refreshing a retailer’s brand to planning a new urban district, all the while explaining how great design can optimize business performance and human potential. For more blog posts, visit: https://www.gensler.com/research-insight/blog.

Mecklenburg County Land Use Environmental Service Agency, Charlotte, NC, Image © Gensler.

Architects | Gensler | December 01, 2016
Government work settings ranked the lowest in their effectiveness across the four work...

The Washington Post's nerve center. Image © Garrett Rowland.

Office Building Design | Gensler | November 14, 2016
The converged environment is a live-streaming workplace, a zone where news and content...

Costa Rica Convention Center. Image © Gensler

Building Team | Gensler | November 07, 2016
Biomimicry takes inspiration from nature’s form, processes, and ecosystems to solve human...

Image © Gensler

Architects | Gensler | October 14, 2016
As technology continues to evolve, we have to simultaneously adapt and help our clients...

Image © Gensler

Office Building Design | Gensler | September 30, 2016
No matter how lavish the amenities, they’ll prove ineffective in making any kind of...

Image © Gensler

Architects | Gensler | September 19, 2016
Over the past 100 years, how we work has changed dramatically, and these changes have...

City Point Brooklyn - Food Hall Study images.

Architects | Gensler | September 13, 2016
Food halls have not only become an economical solution for restauranteurs and chefs...

Westin Hotel and Transit Center at Denver International Airport. Rendering Courtesy of Gensler.

Hotel Facilities | Gensler | August 02, 2016
Millennials’ desire for authentic experiences has been the catalyst for a refresh of most...
Designing with Office Heroes: Lessons from a network of startup professionals

Prezi office in San Francisco. Photo: © Michael Townsend, via Gensler

Designers | Gensler | July 21, 2016
Gensler Design Strategist Katie Rodrigues talks about how the design community can...

The new University of Kansas School of Business building marks a departure from the traditional design model – and, thus, the traditional approach to learning – focusing on innovation, serendipity, and being “future ready.” Image: Gensler.

Higher Education | Gensler | June 30, 2016
Academic incubators that bridge school and the workplace are transforming design in...

Cozy hideouts support an emerging work mode that's proving critical to helping workers recharge their batteries. Image © Garrett Rowland. Click here to enlarge

Office Building Design | Gensler | June 07, 2016
Workspaces are geared toward socializing and collaboration, but people need quiet, calm...
Why corporate bathrooms stink and how good design can fix this

Bathrooms in hotels, restrooms and even airports tend to carry a touch of class that bathrooms in corporate offices so often lack. Pictured: a ladies room in SFO Terminal 2. Image: Bruce Damonte, courtesy Gensler.

Industry Research | Gensler | May 11, 2016
Despite their importance, bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to building design...

Concept Sketch, Syracuse University, S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications Renovation. All images courtesy Gensler

Architects | Gensler | March 29, 2016
Hand-drawn concepts allow ideas to emerge and build stronger connections between the...
How museums engage visitors in a digital age

Museums such as the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum are exploring new ways to engage with audiences by investing in technologies to make the experience more interactive. Photo courtesy Gensler

Cultural Facilities | Gensler | March 03, 2016
Digital technologies are opening up new dimensions of the museum experience and turning...

Image © Jordan Berta.

Urban Planning | Gensler | January 19, 2016
While cities are creating new jobs and attracting new residents, there are warning signs...
Spec for Tech: Designing for the Creative Class

Uptown Station in Oakland provides amenities in a common paseo at the ground floor, where all tenants and the public can pass through, creating a vibrant and active place. Rendering: Steelblue


Office Building Design | Gensler | January 11, 2016
The new work environment, settings which blur the line between work and life, is inspired...
Image: © Wendy Andrew-Doele

Image: © Wendy Andrew-Doele

Office Building Design | Gensler | December 23, 2015
Gensler's Johnathan Sandler discusses efficient alternatives to dull, wasteful workplace...

Images courtesy Gensler

Architects | Gensler | December 17, 2015
While utilization is an important metric to inform how frequently a space is used, it’s...
How virtual and augmented reality can shape architecture and design

Virtual reality—devices that block out the external world and present the user with a wholly fabricated visual experience—can be useful to architects and designers. Photo: Nan Palmero/Creative Commons

BIM and Information Technology | Gensler | November 03, 2015
Gensler's Alan Robles examines a few ways VR and AR could create value for architecture...
#Thank you for sharing: How social media is reshaping the workplace

Why work on a desktop PC when you can work on a mobile device? Image © Gensler

Office Building Design | Gensler | October 16, 2015
The rapid growth of mobile technologies threatens to push the desktop PC into extinction...
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