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For more than five decades, Callison and RTKL have created some of the world’s most memorable and successful environments for developers, retailers, investors, institutions and public entities. In 2015, our two practices came together under the Arcadis umbrella, expanding our sphere of influence and the depth and breadth of our resources. Our team is comprised of more than 2,000 creative, innovative professionals throughout the world who are committed to advancing our clients’ businesses and enhancing quality of life. Our firm-wide blog covers all aspects of architecture and design.

Architects | CallisonRTKL | September 06, 2018
Transitioning into a new hospital is no easy feat and daily tasks can have a huge impact.
Architects | CallisonRTKL | August 09, 2018
Great design is born out of simplicity, purity, timelessness, unobtrusiveness and...
Vauxhall Pop Up
Retail Centers | June 21, 2018
We talk a lot about how the retail landscape, particularly in the realm of shopping malls...
Retail Centers | CallisonRTKL | May 21, 2018
The growth in men’s retail worldwide is projected to outpace women’s retail by 2020.
Lighting | CallisonRTKL | May 09, 2018
The earliest American malls didn’t offer much in the way of natural light; the big...
Energy Efficiency | CallisonRTKL | April 10, 2018
CallisonRTKL’s Pablo La Roche explains how outdoor thermal comfort could mitigate the...
Museums | CallisonRTKL | March 27, 2018
Kirill Pivovarov discusses how museums and retail stores are influencing each other to...
Office Building Design | CallisonRTKL | March 19, 2018
How retail’s focus on brand authenticity, heritage and education are transforming...
Urban Planning | CallisonRTKL | December 04, 2017
Thoughtful design, architecture, and planning can accelerate and even create an urban...
Hotel Facilities | CallisonRTKL | November 10, 2017
CallisonRTKL’s recent survey helps shed some light on how the hotel of the future might...
Exploring potential innovations for the co-working industry
Office Building Design | CallisonRTKL | October 20, 2017
Exploring potential innovations for the co-working industry.
Displays at a department store
Retail Centers | CallisonRTKL | September 26, 2017
Department stores are going through a period of transformation in the face of a rapidly...
Neon sign with 'Eat what makes you happy' written
Architects | CallisonRTKL | August 31, 2017
The digital and physical worlds are colliding. How will social media platforms influence...
A lobby at a hospital
Healthcare Facilities | CallisonRTKL | August 09, 2017
CRTKL’s Ray Brower talks design and technology trends and recaps his recent BisNow panel.
Colorful bikes parked on the street in Dallas


Urban Planning | CallisonRTKL | July 21, 2017
“In a city the street must be supreme. It is the first institution of the city. The...
Building Team | CallisonRTKL | June 26, 2017
As the demand for well-connected urban locales increases, so too has the cost of property...
Airports | CallisonRTKL | May 15, 2017
CallisonRTKL Vice President Kevin Horn pinpoints how travel retail is changing...
Architects | CallisonRTKL | April 24, 2017
CRTKL’s Steve Stokes talks sustainability, comfort and community at Al Wakra and in...
Architects | CallisonRTKL | March 27, 2017
CRTKL’s Maren Striker examines Europe’s desire to build upward.
High-rise Construction | CallisonRTKL | February 17, 2017
As new technologies fuel the race to build higher, three primal drivers simultaneously...
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