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SRG provides architectural services rooted in idea-driven design that respond to each project’s mission, program and context. BLG features articles on sustainability, research, culture and architectural practices written by SRG’s staff, showcasing each individual’s voice speaking passionately about a subject. These stories celebrate why we choose to devote our professional lives to design. Visit BLG at

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Architects | SRG Partnership | June 09, 2016
Bringing people together remains the main objective when designing academic projects. SRG...
How CLT materials affect project costs

CLT is more widely available and there are long-term value considerations necessary when choosing this material for a project. All images: SRG

Wood | SRG Partnership | May 21, 2015
SRG Partnership's Emily Dawson shares insights on the installation, availablilty, and...
How one team solved a tricky daylighting problem with BIM/VDC tools, iterative design

Using Grasshopper modeling software, the team for Oregon State University's Johnson Hall, led by SRG Partnership, built a virtual model that could be quickly manipulated. Renderings: SRG Partnership

BIM and Information Technology | April 09, 2015
SRG Partnership's Scott Mooney describes how Grasshopper, Diva, Rhino, and 3D printing...
Drones for AEC: How every stage of a building project can benefit from drone technology

"Say you are interested in creating a high-rise with amazing views of the city. A drone can capture those exact views from any height and in any direction," says Molla. Photo: SRG Partnership

BIM and Information Technology | SRG Partnership | March 23, 2015
From photo-mapping to aerial progress videos, SRG Partnership's Dmitriy Molla studies...
The generalist architect vs. the specialist architect

Image courtesy SRG Partnership

Architects | SRG Partnership | February 09, 2015
The corporate world today quite often insists on hiring specialists, but the generalists...

Photo credit: Laura Swimmer

Architects | SRG Partnership | January 05, 2015
Despite having common elements—lockers for personal gear and high-quality sound systems—...

Photo: Steelcase

Architects | SRG Partnership | December 18, 2014
Susan Cain’s bestselling 2012 book, "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t...
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