Architect Eric Parry unveils design for London’s tallest building

At more than 1,000 feet, 1 Undershaft will rival The Shard in height.


December 08, 2015 |
Architect Eric Parry unveils design for London’s tallest building

Renderings couresty DBOX, Eric Parry Architects

The 1 Undershaft tower’s plans were unveiled this week. Designed by Eric Parry Architects, it will be London’s tallest skyscraper.

The Guardian reports that the structure will be a giant rectangular block that will taper very slightly, the edges converging to a hypothetical point at 10 times its height. It will be covered in Cor-Ten steel, which absorbs light, and white gloss will shine all the way to the top. Solid bronze cross-bracing will be situated on its exterior. 

Public space will be located at the base of the building, while the tower’s upper stories will have a viewing gallery and restaurant. 

At 309 meters (a little more than 1,000 feet), the tower will rival The Shard, a 95-story tower, as London tallest. Both towers are capped at that height due to a city ordinance.

The 73-story 1 Undershaft is planned to house 10,000 workers and contain 90,000 sf of office space. The architects plan to submit an application to the City of London in 2016.


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