June 04, 2012

GoDesign was created by designers who understand organization is the key to successful design projects.

Ideal for Interior Design professionals, design students and amateur decorating enthusiasts, GoDesign is an intuitive mobile business solution for straightforward, more cost effective design project management that enables you to keep your entire office in your pocket while organizing every detail: clients, projects, vendors, items and photos by room and category. Simply put, it’s an invaluable tool design professionals shouldn’t be without.

GoDesign maximizes your valuable time by streamlining the shopping and decision-making process allowing you to be more creative.

From concept to installation, keep track of it all with a few quick taps:

  • Organize project items by room and category
  • Compare and contrast items prior to purchase
  • Easily import your Clients and Vendors directly from Contacts
  • Create email ready, personalized tear sheets with photos
  • Generate and email GPS sorted shopping lists to cover the most ground possible in a day
  • Utilize specialized detailed screens for artwork, antiques, window treatments and lighting

Additionally, product specifiers, showrooms, retailers, artists, gallery owners and collectors can all tailor GoDesign to suit their market using customizable databases. +

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