American Concrete Institute releases reorganized structural concrete code requirements

New document is easier to use, better organized

October 30, 2014 |
Photo: via Wikimedia Commons

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has released the completely reorganized ACI 318-14: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete. The 2015 International Building Code will reference this document.

The reorganized document is organized from an engineer’s perspective, ACI says. The requirements flow more intuitively and have fewer cross-references for improved logic and flow of information. Locating relevant code information can be done more quickly, and construction requirements are centralized in one chapter.

This publication is the first major reorganization of ACI 318 since 1971 and represents nearly a decade of work. “The new code not only encourages better structural concrete design, but also supports better communication among designers, engineers, contractors, and construction professionals,” said Randall W. Poston, Ph.D., P.E., S.E., Chair, ACI Committee 318, 2008-2014. “The code is much easier for students and new engineers to learn and apply and the user is assured that a design is complete and has met all code requirements.”

The United States and more than 22 countries around the world base their national building codes on all or part of ACI 318. 318-14 is available in various electronic formats for access on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and in a printed format. The manual will also appear in Spanish, Chinese, and other languages.


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