AIA declaration: Climate change requires ‘holistic approach’

Must address interdependencies among people, buildings, infrastructure, and the environment.

September 27, 2019 |

Courtesy Pixabay

The American Institute of Architects outlines an initial path forward for the organization and profession in a new declaration, “Where We Stand: Climate Action.”

“Climate change requires a holistic approach, addressing the interdependencies among people, buildings, infrastructure, and the environment,” said AIA 2019 President William Bates, FAIA, in a news release. “Our training allows us to look for solutions and ways to mitigate climate change comprehensively and creatively, which we do every day.”

The AIA is calling on all architects to support “humanity’s collective call to climate action through an unrelenting commitment to sustainable and resilient design.” The statement provides actionable steps to prioritize and support “exponentially decelerating the production of greenhouse gasses and to make progress towards achieving net-zero emissions in the building sector by 2050.”

The organization will work to encourage passive design techniques, employ energy efficiency measures, adapt existing buildings, and specify low-impact building materials. “It is our responsibility to make the business and financial case to clients to help them better understand and support the need to integrate renewable energy sources into all buildings, making them more sustainable, resilient, and economical,” the release says.

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