5 ways Herman Miller's new office concept rethinks the traditional workplace

Today's technologies allow us to work anywhere. So why come to an office at all? Herman Miller has an answer.

June 11, 2014 |
Image courtesy of hermanmiller.com

With cloud computing, smart phones, video chat and more access to professional software for individual use, there shouldn’t really be any need to still go to an office for work, right? Well, legendary office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller would like to prove us wrong with its Living Office concept.

In a press release, Herman Miller Vice President Greg Parsons says that the Living Office aims to let office workers know "what the stage or recording studio offers to musicians- an environment optimized to inspire and enable people's ultimate performance”

Originally introduced in 2013 after years of research, the Herman Miller website now features a fully functioning, interactive Living Office Design Solutions guide on their website. Here are some reasons why the Living Office concept should get a second look:


1. Employees gain a sense of belonging

A Living Office lets employees (also known as human beings) work in a space that lets them be the social creatures they’re designed to be.

2. There’s a place for everyone, introverts and extroverts

Because everyone is unique and work better in different environments, a Living Office is one that has a spot for everyone to be their most productive, from the social butterflies to the hermits.

3. A living office is moldable according to type of work

Whether the office is a workspace for architects or editors, consultants or sales, the variety of landscapes allows the chance for optimal productivity.

Herman Miller Living Office from dress code on Vimeo.


4. It’s great for collaborating

Group work is inevitable in a work environment, and a Living Office allows transition between individual and group work to be as smooth and organic as possible.

5. Happy, comfortable employees equal prosperity

And that’s prosperity in both money and happiness!

Click here to learn more about the Living Office, and here for the Living Office design solution tool.

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