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3XN to design North America’s tallest timber office building in Toronto

The office will rise in the emerging Bayside community.

March 20, 2019 |
T3 Bayside in Toronto

Courtesy 3XN

T3 Bayside will be the first office building in Toronto’s Bayside community. Beyond that, it will also be the tallest timber office building in North America at 10 stories and 138 feet tall.

Designed by Danish architecture firm 3XN, T3 Bayside will create an activated ground level with retail opportunities available on all sides. A central plaza at the base of the building will be surrounded by an additional stepped community and shared spaces, including exhibition and gallery spaces, flexible office space, and coworking facilities. The goal is for the plaza to act as a new urban gateway and focal point for the surrounding neighborhood. The building’s event and community spaces face the plaza on multiple levels and can be booked individually or together for a variety of events throughout the year.


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Timber will define the interior aesthetics of T3 Bayside as well as the exterior of the building. The building material (CLT) and the shape of the wooden frame will ensure quality acoustics and, because wood is a breathable and absorbent material that allows the release of moisture, will also ensure a naturally regulated and healthy indoor environment.

“The wooden structure will be a prominent part of the design and provide a warm tactile environment for the tenants that doesn’t compromise sustainability,” said Jens Holm, Partner in charge of 3XN North America and Head of Design for the T3 project, in a release. “The flexible layout will be able to meet the diverse needs of the users and bring people together.”

The shared office spaces will each hold the potential to combine single-height zones with more social, double-height zones that are designed to accommodate a variety of programs. The offices can be directly connected to the lobby and will help to activate the central plaza.

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