2010 edition of healthcare design guidelines up for public comment through September

August 01, 2007 |

The Heath Guidelines Revision Committee, with the support of the Facility Guidelines Institute and the American Institute of Architects, is seeking public input for the development of the 2010 edition of the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities. The public proposal period is open through September 30.

The guidelines, which are used by more than 40 states to regulate the design and construction of healthcare facilities, recommend minimum program, space, and mechanical standards for clinical and support areas of hospitals, long-term care, rehabilitation, and ambulatory care settings. The document also addresses minimum engineering design criteria for plumbing, electrical, and heating, ventilation, and HVAC systems.

Interested parties can submit changes for any part of the document, but the revision committee says it is looking for input on several specific patient- and staff-related building design and construction issues, including:

Use of patient lift devicesImaging technologies used in operating roomsBariatric accommodationsSound design and vibration in healthcare environmentsSingle-bed rooms beyond medical/surgical and obstetric facilitiesEnvironment of careInfection controlHealthcare facility engineering

The chapter on small hospitals is also scheduled for updating, as are sections on imaging, emergency, obstetric, and psychiatric facilities in both the hospital and ambulatory care parts of the book.

To submit a proposal or comment, visit www.fgiguidelines.org.

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