At 11.8 million-sf, LG Science Park is the largest new corporate research campus in the world

The project is currently 75% complete and on schedule to open in 2018.

June 12, 2017 |

Image courtesy of HOK

Seoul’s Magok District is about to become home to the largest new corporate research campus in the world. LG Science Park, designed by HOK for LG Group, will accommodate LG researchers from disciplines including electronics, chemistry, nanotechnology, display, fabrication, life sciences, and new materials across its 11.8 million sf.

The campus will house 19,000 LG employees from 10 affiliates under one roof at its location next to the Han River. The number of employees working at the campus could eventually grow as large as 21,000.

HOK designed the overall campus masterplan and architecture, including 10 laboratory and office buildings that total more than 8 million sf. These buildings are connected via an underground amenities and service floor and subterranean parking levels. At ground level, publicly accessible gardens and parks will link the buildings. Additionally, the campus will face a large new public park.


Image courtesy of HOK.


The ground level will also be home to several restaurants that can accommodate up to 6,100 people. The dining areas can also double as informal collaboration hubs. Scientific collaboration will also be emphasized via flexible spaces, informal meeting areas, seminar suites, and bridges that link researchers from different disciplines.

The Integrated Support Centre (ISC) will house a welcome center, multipurpose event hall, conference and seminar rooms, exhibition areas, and a VIP lounge at the center of the campus. Daycare facilities, sports and recreation areas, and convenience retail will also be included in the ISC.


Image courtesy of HOK.


Approximately 6,000 construction workers are currently employed on site. Progress is on schedule to meet the target grand opening in the summer of 2018.


Image courtesy of HOK.


Image courtesy of HOK.

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