WoodWorks’ Wood Solutions Fair in Raleigh, N.C., to feature British architect Andrew Waugh, designer of world’s tallest multifamily wood building, and Vahik Enjily, director of U.K.'s Building Research Establishment (BRE)

August 11, 2010

Contact: Hayley Hutchins

Raleigh, N.C. (January 27, 2009) – The Wood Products Council’s WoodWorks educational program has announced the date for the next Wood Solutions Fair in Raleigh, N.C. The event, to be held on February 24 at the McKimmon Center, will feature architectural leaders from across the globe who will address, among other things, advances in wood design and construction which have allowed for wood framed buildings up to nine stories.

The fair will feature presentations from world renowned architects and engineers. Speakers will include architect Andrew Waugh of Waugh Thistleton in London and Dr. Vahik Enjily, international director of the Building Research Establishment (BRE), also in the UK. Waugh is best known for his recent work on the Murray Grove building in London, which, at nine stories, is currently the world’s tallest multi-family wood structure. Enjily is best known for his work on the BRE Timber Frame 2000 Project, which involved the construction and performance testing of a six-story wood frame building. Results of Enjily’s project contributed to a recent amendment in the English Building Code, allowing for wood construction up to seven stories in height.

“We are thrilled to have Andrew and Vahik at our upcoming Wood Solutions Fair,” said Pat Schleisman, regional director for WoodWorks Southeast. “Their collective work highlights the flexibility of wood as a building material and demonstrates how buildings framed entirely in wood can safely and cost-effectively exceed five stories,” said Schleisman.

Architect Alberto Mozó of Santiago, Chile will also be a featured speaker. Mozó has lectured at universities throughout Chile and teaches several architecture design workshops. His current work focuses on the next generation of environmentally friendly and economically viable buildings.

These and other speakers will discuss the use of wood in a multitude of non-residential buildings and will also address the economic benefits of building with wood. According to Schleisman, “Given the high cost of steel, the choice to use wood can potentially save millions of dollars—a difference that may determine the viability of a project, especially in the current world economy.”

Attendance at February’s Wood Solutions Fair is expected to exceed previous fairs with more than 500 engineers, architects, builders and students in attendance.

In addition to the impressive roster of speakers, winners of the 2009 Wood Design Awards will also be announced. Awards will be given in the following six categories: Institutional Wood Design, Commercial Wood Design, Green Building, Interior Beauty of Wood, Wood Engineering, and Wood Architecture. For entry forms and more information, visit www.woodworks.org &&a href="http://www.woodworks.org/">http://www.woodworks.org/> .

Wood Solutions Fairs are free, day-long educational events hosted by WoodWorks for architects, engineers, builders and students. They combine topical seminars with relevant trade booths to deliver a comprehensive educational experience for individuals considering the use of wood or currently using wood in non-residential structures. From safety and durability to code issues, green building and more, fairs provide the kind of in-depth and practical information that can be applied to projects immediately. They also provide an opportunity for licensed architects and engineers to earn up to six education credits, at no cost.

To register for the Wood Solutions Fair, call (312) 879-0186, ext. 933, or email register@woodworks.org &&a href="mailto:register@woodworks.org">mailto:register@woodworks.org> .

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WoodWorks, an initiative of the Wood Products Council, is a cooperative venture of all the major wood associations in North America, as well as research organizations and government agencies. It provides one-stop access to the widest possible range of information on the use of wood in non-residential structures. For more information, call 1-866-966-3448 or visit www.woodworks.org &&a href="http://www.woodworks.org/">http://www.woodworks.org/> .


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