Name: Ana Lasso
Job Title: Acting director, Joint Use Development Program
Firm Name and Location: Los Angeles Unified School District
Age: 34
Education: Dual BAs, UCLA; MS, MIT

Leads largest joint-use development program for LAUSD, overseeing $120 million school bond fund.

Leverages matching funds ($80 million to date) and capital assets from local governments, nonprofit organizations, and healthcare providers in order to complete projects.

Manages and coordinates public-private real estate development projects on underutilized district-owned properties.

Working in conjunction with community and city partners on four community school parks, with plans for several others within the next year.

Secured $28.5 million to build and rehabilitate 19 school-based community health clinics and new wellness centers.


HOPE Leadership Institute Fellow, 2004.

Departmental Service Award, MIT.

Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award, UCLA.

Off the Clock:

Can’t live without her two dogs: beagle Kingsley and terri-poo Bailey.

Favorite vacation spot: Granada, Spain. The food, wine, and weather—what’s not to love?

Paints (acrylics and watercolor).

Secret Life:

Produces jams and preserves from fruit grown in her backyard.


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