Name: Joel Figueroa-Vallines
Job Title: Founder, structural principal
Firm Name and Location: Structural Engineering Partnership, Lakeland, Fla.
Age: 34
Professional Credentials: PE, MLSE, SI, M.ASCE
Education: BSCE, Northeastern University

Started SEP in 2006 and a second business venture, STI, in 2008. SEP specializes in design, analysis, inspection, and management of structural systems—and is known for hurricane- and tornado-hardened emergency facilities in Florida. STI focuses on development, inspections, code administration, and other engineering services.

Manages projects ranging from private-sector high-rises to education, medical, recreational, and specialty design.

In 2010, invented a green structural system to accelerate the speed of multistory construction. 

While in college, was selected to participate in MIT Technology transfer program for planning, design, and construction of Tren Urbano—at the time the largest proposed heavy-rail project in the Caribbean.


AIA National Allied member

Member, ASCE, ICC, and Structural Engineering Institute

NCARB member

Off the Clock:

Stress relievers: martial arts, playing the piano.

Favorite vacation spot: his backyard, complete with lanai and grille.

Secret Life:

His grandfather, Jose Vallines, was mayor of Morovis, a small town in Puerto Rico, and a highly regarded humanitarian.


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