Name: Braden Kurczak
Job Title: Division head, green buildings
Firm Name and Location: Enermodal Engineering, Kitchener, Ont.
Age: 31
Professional Credentials: PE
Education: BS, McMaster University

Oversees multiple teams managing Enermodal’s record-breaking 250 LEED Canada projects. Firm was LEED/energy consultant on about 40% of all LEED Canada NC-certified buildings.

Previously held positions of LEED project manager, team leader, and development manager at the firm.

Expert in building energy and mechanical systems, environmentally appropriate materials, construction management, daylighting, indoor air quality, and public education.

His LEED-certified projects collectively account for around 800,000 kWh of energy savings and 21,375,000 liters of water savings annually.


Member, Canada Green Building Council Sites and Water Technical Advisory Groups

Best of Canadian Green Buildings Bucket List Committee, Greenbuild 2011

Off the Clock:

Founding member of acrobatic troupe Slam Dunk Entertainment. Ontario’s top ranked amateur male gymnast, 1995-1997.

Volunteers at Dance Adventure; teaches conditioning and tumbling.

Swings fire-poi, a skill he learned from Russian fire dancers.

Secret Life:

Can fit through a basketball hoop, folded in half, posterior first. Always a crowd pleaser—and he’s always relieved when it works.


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