Name: Diego Cabrera
Job Title: 4D spatial coordination manager
Firm Name and Location: Lord Electric Co. of Puerto Rico, San Juan
Age: 30
Education: BS, Villanova University; MS, University of Florida

Oversees team generating 3D models for BIM, construction coordination, and process detailing of major systems in electrical and mechanical projects.

Promoted to project manager within a year of joining Lord Electric in 2006, one of the largest MEP contractors in Puerto Rico.

In 2008, tapped to head CAD Pipe Design department, which he renamed the BIM and 4D Spatial Coordinating Department, converting it into a support team for operations personnel firmwide. 

Expanding department into standalone subsidiary with plans to expand services to new markets, including the continental U.S., Caribbean, and South America.


Member, Puerto Rico Electrical Contractors Association and Mechanical Contractors Association.

Off the Clock:

Favorite vacation spot: Culebra, an island off Puerto Rico.

Lives within 10 minutes of his beloved Caribbean Ocean.

Never not listening to music. Anything goes: tango, salsa, hip-hop, techno, jazz, and classical.

Loves James Bond movies.

Secret Life:

Can unlock his shoulder and push out the scapula in his back.


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