Name: Tony D. Canale
Job Title: Senior associate
Firm Name and Location: Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, New York, N.Y.
Age: 38
Professional Credentials: PE
Education: BSCE, Manhattan College; MSCE, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

At age 32, became youngest senior associate in firm’s history. In 2008, appointed supervisor of MRCE’s 60-person geotechnical engineering staff.  

Manages projects that include testing of undisturbed soil samples, consolidation settlement issues, slope stability analysis, seepage analysis, and rock bolting design.

Collaborated with foundation contractors on improvements in pile design, and with structural engineers on design of two New York City buildings that rest partially on subway boxes.

Involved in efforts to reevaluate the inspection procedures for the NYC Building Code, with particular emphasis on strengthening codes for high-risk projects.

Developed special tablet computers for field engineers that enable real-time creation of boring logs and daily field reports.


Adjunct professor, Manhattan College.

Guest lecturer, Columbia University, New York University, and Lehigh University.

Organizes “Engineering Day” for Cub and Boy Scouts.

Off the Clock:

Coaches flag football, baseball, and basketball.

Secret Life:

First-generation American (parents emigrated from Italy).


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