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Sasaki's MyCampus interactive mapping program
Apr 23, 2014
Advanced methods of data collection, applied both prior to design and after opening, are bringing a new focus to the entire planning process.
Apr 22, 2014
From metal mesh panels to concealed-suspension ceilings, here's our roundup of the latest acoustical ceiling and wall products. 
AIA CES class: New trends in ceiling designs and materials
Apr 22, 2014
A broad array of new and improved ceiling products offers designers everything from superior acoustics and closed-loop, recycled content to eased integration with lighting systems, HVAC diffusers, fire sprinkler heads, and other overhead...
For an 1893 academic building in the Collegiate Gothic style at Bryn Mawr (Pa.)
Apr 16, 2014
Building Teams must focus on a number of key decisions in order to arrive at the optimal solution: repair the windows in place, remove and refurbish them, or opt for full replacement.
ECO Modern Flats is a wellness-oriented apartment complex in Fayetteville, Ark.,
Apr 14, 2014
Sustainable and wellness-related design strategies embody a strong return on investment, according to a report by the Urban Land Institute.
Apr 11, 2014
Two blocks of offices will be centerpiece of new cultural and lifestyle district in the West Bund Media Port.
The 300-acre National Harbor mixed-use district is situated on the Potomac River
Apr 9, 2014
AEC firms, developers, and investors worldwide are bullish on hotels. Our hospitality Giants share what’s new in this fast-morphing sector.
Installation of steel deck (here, from manufacturer New Millennium Building Syst
Apr 9, 2014
Building Teams have been using steel decks with proven success for 75 years. Building Design+Construction consulted with technical experts from the Steel Deck Institute and the deck manufacturing industry for their advice on how best to...
Photo: courtesy CBRE Healthcare
Apr 2, 2014
A growing number of healthcare organizations are moving to an integrated real estate model in an effort to better manage costs, respond to regulatory requirements, and support changes in patient care delivery.
The rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the Old Naval Hospital, Washington, D.C
Apr 2, 2014
Aligning thermal breaks and applying air barriers are among the top design and installation tricks recommended by building enclosure experts.
Apr 1, 2014
BD+C's 2014 Giants 300 survey forms are due next Friday, April 4. Survey results will be published in our July 2014 issue. The annual Giants 300 Report ranks the top AEC firms in commercial construction, by revenue.
Apr 1, 2014
This course covers life cycle assessment, color selection, emissions, durability, resilience, corrosion resistance, specification standards, and other critical aspects of choosing coatings for interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and...
Having the correct model views loaded and visibility settings adjusted prior to
Mar 31, 2014
Process mapping, split models, and streamlined coordination meetings are among the timesaving techniques AEC firms are employing to improve BIM/VDC workflows.
To true the wall surface, the installer should level the insulation board, rathe
Mar 20, 2014
Poor workmanship, impact damage, building movement, and incompatible or unsound substrate are among the major culprits of EIFS problems. 
Birmingham (UK) Super Hospital under construction. Photo: Oosoom via Wikimedia C
Mar 19, 2014
Because healthcare projects take years to implement, developing a true north charter is essential for keeping the entire team on track and moving in the right direction.