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Telling your employees to become more engaged and productive won’t work. But putting mechanisms in place that encourages their progress will. SPONSORED CONTENT
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While the reasons for chalk and fade are different, both occurrences are something to watch for. SPONSORED CONTENT
Saltar’s Point Elementary, Steilacoom, Wash. Photos: Williams Scotsman
More and more architects and designers are leveraging modern modular building techniques for expansion projects planned on historical sites. SPONSORED CONTENT
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When using design thinking and iteration, we’ll sometimes spend multiple days iterating idea after idea, heads down, only to realize we still don’t have it right, writes HDR's Amy Lussetto. She offers tips for success with these idea-...
 As work and the other aspects of our lives blend, lifestyle becomes the primary lens through which all facets come into focus. In this light, individuals are taking more ownership of their own life and work choices. 
Keep these five considerations in mind for your next project that may benefit from modular space. SPONSORED CONTENT 
The GS&P-designed workplace project, "The Zone," created a space for Jackson Nat
The importance of mobility, flexibility, and sustainability in the world of corporate design are already well-established. A newer trend that’s gaining deserved attention is customizability, and how it will look in the coming years, writes...
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With a mission to provide the experience of a lifetime, the Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral, Fla., is designed to inspire, as visitors learn about the history and nature of the port and beyond. SPONSORED CONTENT
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Another brainstorming session, another slew of tired ideas. How can you push your team to be more creative and bring in new perspectives? SPONSORED CONTENT
SuperLite III-XL in a butt-glazed assembly
Innovation is the engine of business success. Whether it’s the development of a brand-new product, a more efficient process or a novel way of serving customers, innovation helps distinguish a company from its competitors. SPONSORED CONTENT
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The Bakken Shale region, which spans from central North Dakota to the northeastern corner of Montana, is rapidly growing as a result of the oil and gas boom. SPONSORED CONTENT
One of our new color collections, Collective Effort, pairs exterior colors that
Collectively as a society, we help create color trends, which shape our businesses, recreational facilities, healthcare centers, and civic buildings. These iconic colors are now appearing in Valspar's new color collections. SPONSORED...
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Healing Garden. Rendering: HOK
I have spent the last several months writing about healthy workplaces. My research lately has focused on stress—how we get stressed and ways to manage it through meditation and other mindful practices, writes HOK's Leigh Stringer.
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Kristof De Wulf, CEO of InSites Consulting, argues that the effects of customer-centricity typically don’t endure, leading only to temporary improvements in company performance. SPONSORED CONTENT
For the Kelowna project, the team used seven-ply CLT from Structurlam Products L
When he set out to design his company’s new headquarters building on Lakeshore Road in scenic Kelowna, B.C., Tim McLennan of Faction Projects knew quickly that cross-laminated timber was an ideal material. SPONSORED CONTENT