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This past October, 78 young AEC professionals gathered in New York City for lead
Many AEC firms focus on training for the hard skills of the profession, not so much for business prowess, writes BD+C's David Barista.
In recent years, institutions of higher learning have been investing in new facilities and updating campuses across the country. Because schools want to save money, these new buildings rarely serve just one function. Students often study,...
Not every company can top Forbes magazine’s Most Sustainable Companies list, but we can all resolve to try to do more to protect the environment in 2015. 
The designers were able to exceed 100 square inches in the door vision area in t
Much attention has been given to active fire protection systems, such as fire sprinklers, that are designed to suppress fires. While automatic sprinklers are reliable, they are neither absolute nor infallible. 
No matter the level of complexity, workplace change can be a challenge for your client's employees. VOA's Angie Lee breaks down the process of moving offices as efficiently as possible, from creating a "change team" to hosting hard-hat...
P+W's Janice Barnes shares some of most unexpected lessons from her firm's work on office design projects, including the importance of post-occupancy evaluations and having a cohesive transition strategy for workers.
Maple Grove Hospital, Wausau, Wis. Photo: Valspar
The healthcare industry is in the midst of a shift to a wellness model of care, and the built environment plays an important role in that. This is driving new design elements in healthcare facilities—from the inside out. 
Microsoft shut down its tried-and-true clipart gallery, ridding the world not only of a trope of graphic design, but a nostalgic piece of digital design history, writes HDR's Dylan Coonrad.
During the past five years, people have begun to actively seek out third places not just to get a day’s work done, but to develop businesses of a new kind and establish themselves as part of a real-time conversation of diverse...
PDFs are the de facto format for digital construction documentation. Yet, there is no set standard for how to produce PDFs for a project, writes Skanska's Kyle Hughes.
If an urban building isn’t grounded in the local region’s character, it will end up feeling generic and out-of-place. To do urban infill the right way, it’s essential to slow down and pay proper attention to the context of an urban...
Technology is transforming the guest experience and enabling designers to reimagine a new hospitality-oriented destination airport terminal.
Photo: The IKEA Foundation
Two years ago, the global flat-pack furniture giant IKEA tasked its philanthropic arm—the IKEA Foundation—with an important initiative. The goal was to design adequate modular shelters for people in refugee camps throughout the world. With...
Despite having common elements—lockers for personal gear and high-quality sound systems—the real challenge when designing locker rooms is creating a space that reflects the attitude of the team, writes SRG Partnership's Aaron Pleskac.
Winfield Gate Luxury Townhomes, Houston. Photo: APA
For commercial architects facing increasing pressure to design innovative structures while simultaneously cutting costs and accommodating tight deadlines, engineered wood systems are providing a welcome solution. SPONSORED CONTENT