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on June 12,2014

Constructing a concrete dome is a costly process, but this may change soon. A team from the Vienna University of Technology has developed a method that allows concrete domes to form with the use of air and steel cables instead of expensive, timber supporting structures.

Chicago Metallic's established ceilings business in North America and Asia helpe
on October 04,2013

The ROCKWOOL Group, on behalf of its ROCKFON® Group affiliate, a supplier of stone wool acoustic ceiling and wall solutions, has acquired Chicago Metallic, a global provider of architectural building products and services -- including metal panels and ceiling systems, suspended grid systems, and acoustical and sustainable ceiling panels.

on September 16,2013

Engineers at Brinjac quantify the illuminance and energy consumption levels achieved by increasing the ceiling’s light reflectance.

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AIA CES class: New trends in ceiling designs and materials
on December 28,2014 in Feature

A broad array of new and improved ceiling products offers designers everything from superior acoustics and closed-loop, recycled content to eased...

on September 22,2014 in Feature

From metal mesh panels to concealed-suspension ceilings, here's our roundup of the latest acoustical ceiling and wall products. 

on September 09,2013 in Feature

An overview of the 25 most popular continuing education courses on