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Rendering: Panoramic Interests
By BD+C Staff on December 17,2014

New research from the Urban Land Institute suggests that micro units have staying power as a housing type that appeals to urban dwellers in high-cost markets who are willing to trade space for improved affordability and proximity to downtown neighborhoods.

Translated Geometries, shape memory polymer
on September 10,2014

Students in Barcelona have created a composite material using shape memory polymers that can deform and return to their original state when activated by cues like heat, humidity, and light.

In May, Facebook broke ground on an expansion to its data center campus in Luleå
on August 04,2014

Less than a year after opening its ultra-green, hydropowered data center facility in Luleå, Sweden, Facebook is back at it in Mother Svea with yet another novel approach to data center design.

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Photo courtesy Daqri
on December 29,2014 in Feature

Smart Helmet is equipped with an array of cameras that provides 360-degree vision through its glass visor, even in low light. It was named a 2014...

Photo courtesy ARC Media, Bridgit
on December 29,2014 in Feature

Technology combines a smartglass visual device with a motion-sensing armband to simplify field management work. The innovation was named a 2014...

Images courtesy HealthSpot
on December 29,2014 in Feature

The HealthSpot station is an 8x5-foot, ADA-compliant mobile kiosk that lets patients access a network of board-certified physicians through...