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August 11, 2010

Autodesk Revit BIM Experience Award
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Adeas Ltd.
Revit BIM Experience Award Winner

Profile: Founded in 1982, Aedas is the largest architectural design company in Hong Kong and currently the fourth largest in the world. With over 1,900 professionals working in 27 offices spanning the globe, Aedas provides a wealth of experience and expertise in architecture, interior design, urban design, landscape and graphic design across a diverse range of market sectors. In Asia, Aedas employs a staff of over 1000 and is well known for its cutting edge high-density mixed-use commercial designs, master planning, transportation, retail, residential, theme parks and integrated hotel resort projects. A selection of Aedas’ signature projects include: HK International Airport North Satellite Concourse; SkyCity Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong; Venetian Macao Casino Resort; Marina Bay Sands, Singapore; and Dancing Towers, Abu Dhabi.

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David Fung, Senior Associate and Head of BIM Division

The Revit BIM Experience Award celebrates building industry professionals and educators around the world who are helping to drive transformation of the building industry through building information modeling.

Revit BIM Experience AwardWinner

Interview with David Fung, Senior Associate and Head of the Aedas BIM Division

1. What differentiates Aedas in the marketplace?
Our global practice brings together a diversity of personality, skills and experience. This combination of creative talent and expertise is vital to our success. We encourage individuality in our projects as well as our corporate culture. While knowledge and experience gained on one project is used to assist another, we don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions - differentiating our designs and our service to our clients.

2. Why did Aedas decide to move to the Revit BIM platform?
When I first joined the firm in 2000, I was tasked with creating a new BIM Division in our company. For several years, Aedas had been informally investigating this new approach for building design and we were intrigued by the potential of BIM technology - particularly the boost in creativity and efficiency it seemed to offer. We were already successfully using AutoCAD Architecture and I was impressed by the additional capabilities of a purpose-built BIM solution like Revit. We began using it in 2005 and haven’t looked back.

3. How has BIM helped you to achieve better results on recent building projects?
The ability to create a virtual 3D model and analyze it prior to construction has been of great benefit to us. For example, on the Ocean Heights One project in Dubai, the twisting nature of this 83-story building combined with its curved curtain wall was a perfect opportunity for the use of parametric modeling - facilitating the precise positioning of each curtain wall panel.

Improved coordination with other building disciplines has been another important benefit of BIM. The Revit platform has enabled the integration of the design data from our consultants and subcontractors. On one recent project - Community College City University Building (CCCUB) in Hong Kong - we used the Revit building information model to coordinate the major building disciplines, helping to identify and fix interferences before construction.
4. How has BIM helped you with green design?
Here in Hong Kong, and throughout Asia in fact, we have an aggressive green building agenda, advanced by a partnership of the public and private building industry sectors. On all our projects, we strive to adhere to environmental guidelines for sustainable building design and BIM gives us a definite edge when it comes to green design.

For example, we can use building information modeling with Revit Architecture to study daylighting within a building or to assess how the shadow of a building will impact neighboring structures and vice versa. We can calculate and minimize the amount of excavation required for a project, which not only saves time but also helps us to mitigate the disturbance to the site. We can use scientific calculations to analyze a building’s energy performance and iterate on a greener design.

5. How do you envision the industry changing in the future?
I believe that in five to ten years, there will be a major adoption of the BIM process - at least here in Hong Kong. In the early days of BIM, our results weren’t as impressive as they are now - largely due to the lack of interaction between all the disciplines and organization involved in our building delivery process. That’s the reason that two years ago Aedas and other like-minded firms in Asia joined together to form the Autodesk Industry Advisory Board (AIAB) comprising many sectors of the building industry. As an industry team, we’ve devised new methods and strategies to promote the development, usage and awareness of BIM design process and to encourage BIM partnerships between different segments in the industry. As a result, there’s been a ripple effect in our region and now academics, building owners and even contractors are adopting BIM - to the benefit of us all.

Aedas Ltd. received the Revit BIM Experience Award forimplementing Revit Architecture on complex designs with green building strategies; for successful multidisciplinary collaboration; and for their leadership in the promotion of BIM within Hong Kong and other parts of the world.

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