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Running to connect

Reebok's World Headquarters campus chose Allcom to install the SYSTIMAX Structured Cabling System to support its voice and data IT. The system's GigaSPEED Solution utilizes 2,071 gigabit-rated cable to meet its demand for high-bandwidth desktop applications. Over 2,000 station outlets were installed, totaling more than 1 million feet of station cable and four miles of fiber optic cable, linking the four-building campus.


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Lay on

Wireway offers faster, more efficient installation of indoor and outdoor wiring applications, according to manufacturer. Type 3R lay-in wireway protects electrical wiring against rain, sleet, snow, and dripping water. Open-sided sections and fittings provide convenient access along the entire wiring run. Available in 4x4", 6x6", and 8x8".


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Plug in

End-to-end cabling offers four fully integrated cabling systems for Category 6 and Category 5e application. Systems are warranted to supply ample headroom performance relative to all key electricals: Insertion loss, NEXT, PSNEXT, ACR, PSACR, ELFEXT, PSELFEXT, and Return loss. Integrity systems subjected to over 1,000 channel tests to establish worst-case conditions. UL performance verification.

Belden Electronics Division.

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Twist and turn

Flexible cables for power supplies to follow nontraditional routes are specially developed to be suitable for a wide range of cable environments where flexibility to ease installation is a prime requirement.

AEI Compounds Limited.

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