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Clearing the path

Emergency response overhead door protects the corridors of schools, hospitals, and other public buildings with a special anti-lift device. In case of emergency, the motorized CrossingGard lifts to automatically clear the path and allow for escape without delay. The door is available in built-to-order configurations, materials, and finishes to meet a variety of aesthetic preferences.

Cornell . Reader Service No. 203

Slanted learning

The new West Campus building of the Des Moines Area Community College was designed by locally based Renaissance Design Group with an outward-slanting curtainwall face and required sliding doors that could also operate at the same 12-degree angle. Unlike a conventional automatic door, which is supported at the top and requires only a guide at the bottom, these doors needed additional support and guiding because of their weight and the angle at which they are required to function. The design used neoprene wheels with bearings, much like the wheels used on roller blades. The wheels are concealed in the side panel, and the door rides on the wheels. A plate, which resembles a kick plate, acts as a surface to support the door. Measuring almost 9 feet high and 10 feet wide, the 96K Series doors are also equipped with card access systems.

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Wood look, steel body

A panel detail lends an authentic wood appearance to an exterior steel door with 24-gauge steel skin. The Contours door is available in either a wood- or steel-edge construction for enhanced security and fire-rated protection. Wood-edge doors have a rating of 20 minutes, while steel-edge doors have a 90-minute rating. The door's high-density polystyrene core exceeds current energy code requirements.

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Dual Protection

More than 4,800 windows in the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building in Cleveland have been retrofitted with an interior insulating add-on window product to increase energy efficiency. The new interior insulating units, an alternative to total window replacement, work with the building's existing windows to create a dual barrier against the elements. The $1.2 million retrofit project resulted in a first-year energy savings of $204,000.

Maine Glass . Reader Service No. 208

Blind integration

The University of Wisconsin's Marshfield, Wis., campus recently constructed a single-story, 7,500-sf facility to link the campus' fine arts building to its science building. The connector facility houses classrooms with Variable Privacy Doors, which integrate Venetian blinds directly into the doors' thin, vertical windows. Bray Associates Architects Inc., Sheboygan, Wis., specified the door because it requires minimal maintenance, features smooth operation, and allows staff to control the amount of light entering the room during presentations.

Marshfield Door Systems . Reader Service No. 206

Sturdy entry

Entrance system for high-traffic areas in schools, hospitals, and other public buildings has welded corners with shear block and bolt construction. The system is monumental grade with 3/16-in. wall thickness and a door depth of 2 inches for additional strength. The Rugged Entrance System is 30% heavier than standard doors, and its high-bottom rails meet all state codes. These entrances are available in narrow, medium, or wide stiles. Finishes include anodized black, bronze, and clear, as well as high performance painted finishes.

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Between the glass

Casement window line offers a variety of between-the-glass options, including blinds, shades, and grilles. By sandwiching these window fashions between the glass panes, it protects them from dust and damage. Tilt-only and standard raise-lower blinds are available with either manual and automated control. The Designer Series also includes an optional retractable insect screen that rolls up, out of sight, when not in use.

Pella . Reader Service No. 304

Light prism

Glass block, which provides a 60-minute fire rating in a window assembly, is graffiti-resistant and protects against natural weather-related elements. The Thickset 60 is available in a variety of visibilities from clear to privacy, while still allowing light transmission. Designed for use in airports, schools, transit stations, and offices. Blocks available in 8x8x4-in. blocks.

Pittsburgh Corning . Reader Service No. 202

New life

The long-empty General Office Building for the N&W Railroad in Roanoke, Va., was donated to Virginia Tech University, which brought the building back to life as The Roanoke Higher Education Center. Echols-Sparger Architects, Roanoke, identified energy savings, sound reduction, and ventilation as key criteria for commercial-grade interior storm windows. They specified the Operating Magnetic One Lite (MOL-OP). A total of 571 custom-colored units were installed to insulate large existing double-hung steel windows.

Allied Window . Reader Service No. 330

Complete set

Door hardware system includes lever sets, hinges, door closers, and exit devices offer a lifetime mechanical warranty. The Independence system's Grade 1 and Grade 2 lever sets have standard freewheeling clutches and are packaged with standard 2 3/4-in. UL-listed fire-rated latch, ASA/ANSI strike, combination metal and wood screws, and SCI 6-Pin cylinder. The hinges come with a one-year warranty and are available in prime coated, satin chrome, and stainless steel.

Amweld . Reader Service No. 303

Inside and out

Line of exit devices features a double cylinder that allows allows locking from either the inside or outside, eliminating the chance of exposure to outside threat. The 7100 series line of exit devices is ideal for school applications.

Yale Commercial Locks and Hardware . Reader Service No. 307

Abuse-resistant lever

Exit device features a breakaway lever trim that partly detaches and swings down into the 90-degree "down" position when excessive force is applied, thereby discouraging further vandalism and abuse. Von Duprin series 98/99 exit devices easily snap back into operating position.

IR Security and Safety . Reader Service No. 308

Classroom leverage

Cylindrical lever sets for today's classroom come with a clutch system, super-strength retractor, long-life lever support springs, and a life test of over 1 million cycles. The F90 and F92 Function Locksets latch by lever either on inside or outside unless outside is locked by key or inside by push button. The sets unlock by key, turning inside lever, or closing door.

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Framed to fit

Decorative glass frame eliminates screw holes and plugs and is available in half-door and half-sidelight sizes. The frame has a watertight compression seal, better paint adhesion, and a stronger resistance to yellowing, says the manufacturer. The SmartFrame is made of a new advance co-polymer that is ultraviolet resistant. Available in white and tan.

ODL . Reader Service No. 301

Weather the storm

Designed to meet the country's most stringent building codes for impact resistance, StormPlus windows combine the ability to withstand impacts from hurricanes and tropical storms with energy efficiency and high-performance characteristics.

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