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Bank here

The Wells Fargo Bank in Minneapolis installed the fire-rated cloth-backed veneer behind its reception desk. A dyed Bird's Eye Maple was selected by the designer for the cloth-backed veneer. The Natural Dyed Veneer collection is also available in sheets and panels.


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Stand up system

Insulated wall panel system consisting of Expanded Polystrene Insulation (EPS) and a steel core. The system is available in 6", 8", 10", and 12" thicknesses providing R-values ranging from 25 to 50. The system replaces metal studs, insulation and exterior sheathing and can be installed quickly, says maker. Serving as a substrate for interior and exterior finishing, the system is best for restaurants, car washes, and offices.

Butler Manufacturing Co.

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Nice curves

Modular partition system consists of multiple panels spanning between aluminum uprights for dividing and defining space, providing visual separations for privacy and security areas and defining traffic flow patterns. Slalom can be configured into a series of curves, straight runs, and corner partitions. Available in flexible fireproof PVC, micro-perforated sheet metal, and maple or cherry fire-rated wood laminate finishes. For use in offices, airports, convention centers, and hotels.

Peter Pepper Products Inc.

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Fire-resistant panels

One-hour fire-rated insulated panel contains a lamella-style Rockwool core used for exterior walls and interior partitions. It can span upwards of 25 feet for a nonsupported interior partition. The DSL-FR insulated panels are dimensionally stable, resistant to temperature and humidity variations, and do not deteriorate with age, says the maker.

API Panels.

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Custom wall panel patterns emulate the look of architectural glass yet weigh half as much and are easier to fabricate, using regular woodworking tools. Imago tiles come in two custom patterns.


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Mighty strength

Wall cladding with lower weight per square foot, only needing to build up to 3/8" to 1/2". Special coatings and finishing help with weather resistance, bridging hairline cracks. Powerwall has a more controlled mix and added fibers, providing high impact resistance and less cracking, says maker.


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Blocked from sight

Glass block can be made into radius walls or partitions with its seven square, triangular, hexagonal, and curving glass block shapes and sizes. IceScapes is made in a nondirectional pattern for maximum privacy in schools, offices, and other institutional and commercial applications.

Pittsburgh Corning Corp.

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Taking care

More than 8,000m of architectural composite panels have been "topped out" at 70 meters-height on the new 12-story Taiwan University Hospital project in Taipei, making it the region's tallest installation. Having previously only installed its panels to a height of 23 meters, the architects, Zone Nine Architects, stipulated that independent laboratory testing had to be undertaken to prove that the Prestawall FH architectural composite panel system could be installed as needed.

Huntsman Polyurethanes.

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See-though panels

Wire mesh panels are made of heavy 1.5-inch-square, 10-gauge woven wire and present a physical barrier while maintaining the openness of an area. Custom sizes are available in addition to the standard 4x8-ft. panel. Partitions are interchangeable.

W.A. Schmidt.

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Modular make-over

Modular components divide work space for organization, proprietary and sound isolation purposes. Walls are available in 3" and 13/4" thick in a variety of panel surfaces including vinyl-faced hardboard, steel, FRP, and anodized aluminum. The framed panels pivot and lock into place. Fire-resistant designs are available for office and industrial environments.

Porta-King Building Systems.

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Decorate with divisions

Decorative wall panels are made with high-pressure laminates, yet have the durability and moisture resistance of fiberglass-reinforced plastic panels. Omptimax HPL offers over 250 designs to choose from to match most interior decor. Made for lobbies, restrooms, and other public areas of restaurants and supermarkets.


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Wall stands again

A year after the damage to New York's Winter Garden from September 11th attacks, architect Cesar Pelli unveiled its redesign , which included a 15-ft.-high LINIT U-Profile Glass wall, which radiates with light from fixtures behind it. According to Rafael Pelli, this wall invites people into the Winter Garden in an abstract way, without having to use arrows to point them in. The glass can be installed in lengths up to 22 ft. without intermediate metal supports. Available in four surface textures with varying degrees of transparency.

Bendheim Wall Systems.

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Standing strong

Interior gypsum panels resist the growth of mold and mildew because of their noncombustible gypsum core, which uses coated glass mat facings on both the face and back of the board. DensArmor Plus is reinforced with inorganic glass fibers, resisting warping, rippling, buckling, and flame spread, according to the manufacturer.

G-P Gypsum Corp.

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Slide on down

System of sliding panels can be customized by size, finish, glass color, and cross-mullions to suit different design needs. Maximum panel dimensions of 6x10 ft. make Siparium suitable for both small and large applications. Panels slide on ceiling- or wall-mounted tracks with as many as four rails. The track supports the entire weight of the panels, so there is no need for a floor track that may collect dirt or impede passage.


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Closed in

Glass enhancement films are offered in a variety of colors, patterns, designs, and textures, including frosted white, opaque, square and striped designs, and small and large dots. As an alternative to glass etching, they are manufactured from high-tensile-strength polyester, vinyl, and other substrates and are bonded to glass with high-strength adhesives. Used on sun-exposed glass, the films eliminate 99% of UV rays, according to the manufacturer.


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